What Topics Will You Be Covering At Forrester?

I am part of the Forrester Decisions for Technology Architecture & Delivery service. I will be authoring research for the “Lead A High-Performing Enterprise Architecture Practice” priority. Briefly said, I will help clients be more proficient in the enterprise architecture (EA) discipline from a digital, sustainable, and human perspective.

Tell Us About Yourself!

I am a practitioner after earning a master’s degree in general mechanical engineering, starting my career in 1989 in IT (yeah, yeah, back in the 20th century!).

I began as a developer, lead developer, and consultant for the “big four” consulting firms. I have continued as a trainer, after-sales and pre-sales, for a software vendor. After this, I had the chance to work in the US as project lead, then back to France as CTO, BI manager, ISSO, and chief R&D for a computer renting firm, followed by an international IT manager position for a life insurance company. Next, I worked for a major French universal bank, holding positions such as IT architect, enterprise architect, and finally as EA for the bank group’s compliance unit. I joined Forrester in September 2022 — that is to say, after 33 years of practice! As you can see, my experience is diverse and allows me to have this holistic vision so dear to EA.

I am curious by nature, or “by design,” as you would say today. I am always in search of solving problems or frictions or hurdles that block the way. I am profoundly convinced that collaboration is at the root of problem-solving and that it is the best way you can lead eventually. This is how I see my role at Forrester: acting to facilitate the growth of our clients and help them solve their issues!

What Is Your Passion?

As you can guess, I do not have a passion but passions!

On the professional side, helping companies in their transformation is my priority. This transformation must be global, not only technical but for sure organizational, with the best team spirit and encompassing a sustainable future. I want to look at things as globally as possible to produce recommendations that drive client success both from an economic and sustainable perspective. On this last domain, this is where there is the biggest improvement opportunity, and I want to be a leader on this one.

On the personal side, I love my wife and daughters, and I’m fond of geopolitics, philosophy, sustainability, reading, dancing, singing in a choir, and playing chess occasionally.

What Is Your Goal?

My goal at Forrester is to help clients grow, become future fit, and more specifically, master the enterprise architecture discipline along with environmental sustainability.