Forrester’s 2021 Global Marketing Survey revealed that three of the top five challenges regional teams face when implementing campaigns are the inability to develop campaigns based on customers’ needs, the lack of coordination across silos, and a need for the right tools and technology to do the job well. As a result of these challenges, campaigns are developed with low relevance for the audience; there is a misalignment in expectations between the global and field teams on the resulting campaign; and resources are wasted when the field teams localise campaigns to suit their needs.

What can regional marketing teams do to break through the silos to ensure that their input on requirements is taken into account during global campaign development? We recommend focusing on four key considerations:

  1. Align with the revenue engine. Understand what the business is focused on in terms of segments and the potential to win in those segments. Ensure that marketing goals are clear for those segments.
  2. Understand your buyers. Gather buyer insights so you can provide accurate input into your buyers’ preferences, which can be taken into account during campaign development.
  3. Gather country input. Don’t make assumptions about where to deploy campaigns or assume that you understand what a country needs. Instead, focus on gathering data to identify prioritised countries in the region and their needs in terms of language, program emphasis, and tactic preferences.
  4. Clearly define roles and responsibilities. Ensure that global, regional, and local teams have clear roles and responsibilities in the campaign planning process. The foundation to driving campaign adoption lies in coordinating these three groups so that they work together in a systematic fashion.

We introduced the campaign planning optimisation process in May at Forrester’s 2021 B2B Summit North America. This process brings global, regional, and field marketing teams together to ensure that field considerations of campaign requirements are gathered and analysed for campaign development. At this year’s B2B Summit APAC, September 14–15, we will be walking you through this process and highlighting regional involvement.

Please join us for the More Bang For Buck: Optimising Global Campaigns In The Region session to learn more!