The “Saying Goodbye to MQLs” blog series is dedicated to answering your questions when making the shift from leads to buying groups and opportunities. You can find all blogs published in this series below.


Making the shift from MQLs (marketing-qualified leads) to buying groups and opportunities continues to be a hot topic that boils up many questions — which we’re here to answer. To support your organization’s transformation, Forrester is publishing the Saying Goodbye to MQLs multipart blog series. In this series, Amy Hawthorne, Maria Alexandrou, and I will give you the answers to the most-asked questions during a transition like this.

This series will cover a range of topics, from understanding the need for transformation to operational strategies, changes in measurement needed, how to sell this transition internally, and more.

Between guidance sessions and our webinar, Say Goodbye To MQLs, No Thanks To MQAs, And Hello To Opportunities, we have plenty of questions to start with. But if you have your own burning questions, just send them here, and we’ll be sure to answer in future blogs.

Check out the questions that weve answered so far below: