What do the following companies have in common?

  • Southwest Airlines
  • FTD
  • AARP

Stumped? They’ve all made significant progress on digital transformation. And they aren’t alone in undertaking these initiatives.

You’ve heard the term “digital transformation” quite a bit over the last few years. But it can be a puzzle. Why? Because people can stretch “digital transformation” to mean almost anything. My phone is digital. My key fob is digital. My coffeemaker is digital. But are these really transformative?

True digital transformation results in more than a slick web app or a gadget. It’s about harnessing digital assets and ecosystems to continually improve customer outcomes and, simultaneously, increase operational agility. The outcome of this? A reinvention of your business model with technology at the core. If you don’t do this, then prepare to be disrupted by the giants like Amazon as well as upstarts like Venmo and Airbnb.

So, how can you start solving the digital transformation puzzle?

First, check out our new-in-2018 Digital Business Playbook, which contains 15 reports that help you assess your digital maturity and give you advice in areas such as culture, organization, and technology.

Next, come to our Digital Transformation Forum in Chicago on May 8 and 9. This is the third year of this growing event, where business leaders and technology innovators come together to share stories and learn about digital transformation. We’re going to help you do that by not only focusing on technology capabilities, but also by showing you how to embrace the strategic business transformations that those technologies make possible.

Pre-conference activities start on Monday, May 7 with two sessions: 1) a workshop on using artificial intelligence for digital transformation; and 2) a bootcamp that allows technology leaders to do customer journey mapping to rally internal stakeholders around digital transformation.

On Tuesday May 8, we kick off the main event, which goes for two days and is split into six main parts:

  1. The Next Stage of Digital Transformation
  2. How to Be Fearless
  3. Meet The Pacesetters
  4. How To Be Fast
  5. The Future Now
  6. How To Be Flexible

Our speakers include digital transformation leaders from Southwest, FTD, AARP, Ford, CarMax, and Kroger, as well as Forrester analysts. And we’ll hold sessions in a variety of formats: traditional keynote sessions, interactive deep dives, technology demos, and 1:1s with analysts.

Click here for more details on this event. We hope to see you there.