Those who have leadership responsibility for their organization’s technology portfolio will hear the relief in my voice when I say that technology optimization now carries more weight as a key driver for efficiency, acceleration, and innovation than it ever has in the past. Increasing competition and technological advancements are the more simplified reasons for the push toward the forefront. But we’re also witnessing the executive pressure on CIOs and their leadership teams to deliver tangible and sustainable benefits through optimization.

According to Forrester’s Priorities Survey, 2023, most organizations rate technology optimization initiatives as high or critical priorities. And although many enterprises are actively engaged in optimization efforts, the extent and effectiveness vary. What we do know is that taking a reactive approach is less productive for organizations as compared to a proactive one. Forrester’s outcome-based technology optimization model creates a well-structured approach that offers advantages to delivering business-aligned value and enabling future growth.


Optimization centers on three strategies:

    • Effectiveness. Optimizing for business effectiveness starts with identifying and measuring technical debt and keeping a close eye on inefficiencies and waste, all while enabling the organization to scale in response to future strategies.
    • Acceleration. Optimizing for acceleration amplifies business productivity, performance, and employee empowerment to advance the competitive agenda.
    • Transformation. Optimizing for transformation differentiates the ecosystem by prioritizing innovation and growth.

By understanding the strategic relevance of technology optimization and tailoring their approach, organizations increase their chances of delivering on their financial and performance goals. Inspired to know more? Head to for technology optimization strategies in the report, Optimize Your Enterprise Tech Stack For The Right Outcomes.

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