In 2020, Forrester defined the future fit tech strategy — an approach to technology that enables an organization to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities to meet customers’ future needs and expectations. Forrester’s research shows that companies with a future fit tech strategy grew revenue 1.8 times faster than their peers in the past year.

Future fit tech organizations have behaviors that differ significantly from those of traditional or modern tech organizations, which are in earlier stages of tech maturity. Forrester identified these adaptive behaviors through the Future Fit Survey, 2022, which surveyed 1,616 global business and technology professionals from organizations with 500-plus employees. In particular, future fit organizations place greater focus on scaling three distinctive behaviors of an adaptive organization:

  • Predictive analytics: 87% strongly agreed that their organization uses data, analytics, and insights to create differentiated experiences, products, and services. This indicates that future fit organizations are leveraging data analytics and insights to identify emerging customer and market trends to drive business value.
  • Flexible technologies: 89% strongly agreed that their organization’s innovation strategy targets specific business-line objectives. Future fit organizations view innovation as closely tied to their business objectives and outcomes.
  • Changeable organization: 78% strongly agreed that their organization’s culture instills in employees the need for constant change to quickly adapt to continuous market changes. Future fit organizations understand the importance of quickly implementing new operating models, practices, and culture to maintain a competitive edge.

Want a data-rich dive into the differences in behaviors among traditional, modern, and future fit organizations? Or are you curious about the numbers behind how organizations of all maturities build momentum by pursuing future fit’s three drivers — platforms, practices, and partners? If so, read Forrester’s new report The State Of Future Fit Technology Strategy, 2022.