I have dedicated my career to healthcare technology. Why? Because I am passionate about putting the patient at the center of their care and believe technology is a catalytic agent that will help organizations achieve that goal. Forrester helps clients create customer-obsessed operating models. In healthcare, you need to be obsessed with your patients. If not, you’re doing it wrong.

I began my career in the revenue cycle of a regional health system. That experience opened my eyes to the lack of transparency patients have about what care they receive, including visibility into out-of-pocket costs before services are rendered. A decade later, this sentiment still rings true for many.

We have hit the tipping point for patients to be empowered consumers. What is your organization doing to transform digitally? As a technology vendor or agency, what is your strategy to enable clients to deliver a better patient experience?

The need for progress is critical — whether you are focused on improving patient experience to drive retention and revenue or are truly altruistic in your intentions. Consumer behavior, not healthcare services, determines approximately 40% of a patient’s health risk. As an organization pushed to lower costs and improve outcomes — and keep patients happy while you do it — this number alone should keep you up at night.

Technology alone will not fix healthcare, but it will certainly play a big part. Stay tuned for my research on healthcare technology including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, electronic health records (EHR), population health, and more.

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