Every year, we at Forrester put our heads together and look at the trends that we’re seeing, what our data and forecasts are telling us, what we are hearing in inquiries and interviews, and then gaze into the metaphorical crystal ball to try to offer some advice on what to expect in the coming year. We cover multiple industries, roles, geographics and technologies.

I joined Judy Weader on the What It Means podcast in November to talk about our CX predictions (spoiler alert: #generativeAI), and this time for the new year, we’ve gathered up our experts on different industries and their respective predictions, and myself and Angelina Gennis are hosting these leads for each industry on the CX Cast to look specifically at what CX pros in each industry can expect. We cover:

  • Retail. Sucharita Kodali and Fiona Swerdlow join us to discuss what 2024 has in store for retail CX. How is the cross-channel experience evolving? What are the implications for the associate experience? What trends are reversing in 2024?
  • Healthcare. Judy Weader and Shannon Germain Farraher talk to us about how smart tech in hospitals, nontraditional benefits in plan designs, and medical deserts will impact healthcare CX in 2024.
  • Government. Riccardo Pasto joins us to talk about where he sees government CX heading in 2024. We cover generative AI, open government, cross-agency collaboration, and more.
  • Financial services. Research Directors Oliwia Berdak and David Hoffman join us to talk about shifting deposit trends, niche journeys, open banking, and more.

Our retail episode is already live, and look out for an episode a week throughout January as we try to help you get ahead of the year’s biggest challenges.

Find us on your favorite podcast platform, and if you want to learn more about our wider predictions, check out our 2024 Global Predictions Live event on Thursday, January 18.