The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have severely impacted the finances of millions of customers globally. The pandemic has also changed how customers bank, get insurance, and manage their finances. In addition to these COVID-19 changes, governments, regulators, and shareholders are now demanding higher standards and mandating financial services firms to better serve and protect customers. Financial services providers need to redefine their sense of purpose, adopt more socially responsible and sustainable business models, and put customers’ financial well-being at the core of their strategy to drive customer engagement, create new value, and future-proof their revenues.

We created a collection of our financial-well-being-focused research to help financial services firms understand how they can develop a financial well-being program.

Understand Consumer Finances And Behaviors

To ensure they’re developing the right products, experiences, and services to support their customers’ financial well-being, financial services firms need a better understanding of their customers’ level of financial resilience and attitudes toward their financial situation.

Understand Your Customers To Help Improve Their Financial Well-Being


Develop A Financial Well-Being Strategy

To help their customers achieve financial well-being, finserv executives need to develop products, services, and processes around three aspects: financial capability, financial protection, and financial inclusion.

The Financial Well-Being Opportunity

WEBINAR: Invest In Customers’ Financial Well-Being To Create Value And Drive Growth

Elevate Your Customers’ Financial Literacy With Engaging And Actionable Content

Use Digital Technologies To Boost Customers’ Financial Capability

Financial Services Firms Must Support Vulnerable Customers With Financial Management Tools

UK Financial Services Firms Must Empower Their Customers With Better Debt Management Tools

Banks Can Improve Their Customers’ Financial Well-Being By Deploying Budgeting Tools

Help Digital Banking Customers With Budgeting And Saving

VIDEO: Drive Deposits By Helping Your Customers Save

Case Study: How WeBank Became The World’s Leading Digital Bank


Invest In The Right Technologies Linked To Financial Well-Being

Financial services providers are evaluating and adopting a wide range of technologies to support their financial well-being program and shape their firm’s investment approach.

The Forrester Tech Tide™: Financial Well-Being, Q3 2020

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Elevate Your Design Practice

Firms can create more engaging, effective, and emotionally positive financial experiences for all customers by applying behavioral insights and inclusive design to their financial experiences.

Use Behavioral Economics To Inform Your Financial Well-Being Strategy

Banks: Infuse Behavioral Science Into Financial Experience Design To Support Customers

Wealth Management Firms Should Infuse Behavioral Science Into Financial Experience Design

The Inclusive Design Imperative: Win And Retain More Customers

VIDEO: The Inclusive Design Imperative


Gauge Your Financial Well-Being Program Maturity

Executives at financial services should assess their financial well-being maturity to identify areas for improvement, develop a strategic plan, create a roadmap, and plan investments.

The Financial Well-Being Maturity Assessment


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