Economic headwinds, competitive pressures, and technological breakthroughs are putting more pressure on B2B marketing leaders than ever before. The greatest risk in this environment is gravitating toward outdated mindsets, using the challenges as an excuse to stop learning and growing. As our 2023 Predictions for B2B Marketing and Sales identified, an industry that has long prioritized winning net new business and strengthening internal efficiencies will be forced to reimagine how it creates value for customers across the customer lifecycle. 

How can you answer the bell? Well, fret not: Forrester’s B2B Summit APAC is quickly approaching. We’re counting the days to the event and working hard to bring our community the best from Forrester. Attendees will have access to our latest research, global analysts, all-star industry speakers, and a community of senior B2B marketing leaders from the world’s most successful organizations. Forrester’s cutting-edge content will be shared in 13 analyst sessions covering the key topics B2B organizations must understand. Here’s a brief sampling of some of these sessions: 

  • John Arnold will introduce Forrester’s B2B Customer-Obsessed Growth Engine and explain why alignment is the fuel that powers your growth engine. He’ll also share Forrester’s research on why Lifecycle Revenue Marketing Is The Future Of B2B Growth. 
  • Mavis Liew and Barry Vasudevan will share the always-popular, newly-released results from our 2023 B2B Buyer Behavior Survey with their session on Evolving APAC B2B Buyer Behavior. Mavis will also build on her guidance for regional marketing leaders by discussing Content Localization Optimization 
  • You can run, but you can’t hide. Subhendu Pattnaik will share guidance on how to assess generative AI and what to do about it in his session on What CMOs Should Know About AI In Marketing. 
  • We’re also fortunate to have Vice President and Research Director for Forrester’s global B2B marketing executive service, Matthew Selheimer, travel from the US to speak on Leveraging A Digital Marketing Strategy To Propel Growth and Are You Terrified About Retention? Perhaps You Should Be. 
  • Daryl Wright will provide an update on The State Of Field Marketing and Jerry Zhao will share our latest research on The State Of B2B Measurement. 

Forrester content at the summit will be outstanding and provide our foundation of value. On top of this foundation, many opportunities for engagement, learning, and development will be built: 

  • Delegates always value hearing from their peers and especially those that are doing the most pioneering work. Forrester’s APAC 2023 B2B Award Winners will share the best practices and guidance that distinguishes their organizations.  
  • Our Women’s Leadership Forum is always packed, providing the tools to advance women leaders in your organization, break down barriers, and overcome challenges. 
  • Several smaller discussion groups including facilitated engagement, analyst-led roundtables, and Q&A with analysts after their keynotes will create opportunities for casual, intimate networking exchanges. At the conclusion of the first day, we’ll have a reception to unwind, network, eat (and drink), and enjoy some entertainment. 

We’re very excited to engage our community at B2B Summit APAC on September 19-20 in Singapore. We look forward to connecting, sharing, learning, and having some fun. See you soon!