Do you understand generative AI? Forrester’s data shows that 54% of AI decision-makers believe their organization’s executive team is “very familiar” with it — but we’ve observed widespread misunderstandings among execs of what it is, how it works behind the curtain, and what it can do.

So last week we published a new, FAQ-style report to address this mismatch, Generative AI Essentials For CX Leaders. It’s aimed at customer experience (CX) leaders because they’re on the front lines of ensuring that the new technologies their organizations deploy deliver great experiences that meet users’ real needs, which Forrester has proven is the path to sustained business success.

The report answers these questions simply and clearly:

  1. What is generative AI (genAI), how does it work, and what can it do?
  2. What are the CX risks of using genAI?
  3. What should CX pros know about genAI and privacy?
  4. How can genAI improve customers’ experiences?
  5. How can genAI help with user research and experience design?
  6. How can genAI help with journey management?
  7. How can genAI help with customer feedback?
  8. What should CX pros watch out for when evaluating vendor offerings?

I and ​seven other analysts joined forces on this report to tap into each one’s expertise: Maxie Schmidt​, Gina Bhawalkar​, Joana de Quintanilha​, Colleen Fazio​, Martin Gill​, Christina McAllister​, and Brandon Purcell.​

If you’re a Forrester client and would like to ask a question about this research, you can set up a conversation with any of us. If your company has expertise to share with us on these topics, feel free to submit a briefing request. You can also follow or connect with me or any of my coauthors on LinkedIn if you’d like.