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Uneven Innovation At AWS Re:Invent 2022

Lee Sustar 1 day ago
Some 14 Forrester analysts attended this year’s AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. The conference was a mix of innovation in some areas — particularly compute and networking, along with a co-engineering approach to industry cloud — but plateaus in others, such as hybrid and edge. Efficiency and consolidation were underlying themes, from amping up AI/ML […]

The Future Fit Platform Strategy

Liz Herbert October 3, 2022
Technology leaders must prioritize and govern a limited number of platforms with the scale, innovation, and ecosystems to maximize the business impact.

EY’s Coming Split Signals The Great Unbundling: What It Means For Enterprise Technology Leaders

Ted Schadler September 15, 2022
EY recently announced plans to split into two parts: one focused on audit and related services and the other focused on business technology consulting. Learn what the development means for business tech leaders.

Digital Operations Providers: Forrester’s 2022 Now Tech Report Is Now Live

Liz Herbert June 8, 2022
Forrester's Digital Operation Platforms (DOPs) Now Tech is now live. This blog highlights key DOP vendors and market trends.

Tech Stack Optimization Must Balance Efficiency, Effectiveness, And Innovation

Liz Herbert February 18, 2022
Making smarter decisions about your application portfolio is critical. Learn how a future fit technology strategy can help you reduce, modernize, and redistribute your technology stack.

Introducing The Forrester New Wave™: Workday Implementation Partners, Q3 2021

Amanda LeClair September 20, 2021
Workday has captured the hearts of many enterprise buyers looking to modernize their employee experience with its human capital management (HCM) software in a way competitors have struggled to match. In recent years, Workday has sought to expand that foothold and compete more broadly to serve as a digital operations platform by expanding into financials […]

The Rise Of Industry Cloud Business Applications

Kate Leggett June 30, 2021
Verticalization is back! Why? Horizontal business applications — as mature as they are — don’t fully support industry-specific workflows that span the front and back office. Manufacturers must track projects, schedules, time sheets, and labor efficiencies that are not core to customer relationship management (CRM) or inventory management. Healthcare providers must manage a patient’s health […]

The Right Platform Strategy Is Key To Your Future Fitness

Liz Herbert June 24, 2021
To scale innovation, technology executives must focus on ecosystems and interconnectivity between partners. Get three key recommendations on how to do that.

Salesforce Picks Up (The) Slack To Extend CRM’s Reach Into Collaboration But Won’t Dethrone Microsoft Teams

Kate Leggett December 1, 2020
Find out how Salesforce plans to use the $28B buy to extend the reach of its CRM platform.

Predictions 2021: “COVID Wrote The Business Case — Our Future Is Digital”

Ted Schadler October 29, 2020
In 2020, digital shifted from nice-to-have to must-have. In 2021, companies will accelerate their digital transformation with a focus on customers and what, where, and how to serve them.

Making Your Business Case For SAP S/4HANA

Liz Herbert March 12, 2020


Beyond ERP: How Digital Operations Platforms Make Or Break The Customer Experience

Liz Herbert December 15, 2019
Strong customer-facing experiences are fruitless until you tie them to back-end operations. Learn how new digital operations platforms (DOPs) will bring enterprise experiences to levels ERP never could.

Key Takeaways From Salesforce Dreamforce ’19

Liz Herbert November 25, 2019

CEO Departure Gives SAP The Chance To Refocus On Customer Priorities — But Also Brings Risks

Liz Herbert October 11, 2019
SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott will resign and be replaced him with co-CEOs Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein. Get a detailed analysis of this news from Forrester's Liz Herbert.

Key Takeaways And Our Take On Oracle OpenWorld 2019

Liz Herbert October 8, 2019
Allen Bonde and I chat about key takeaways and our take on the recent Oracle OpenWorld 2019 event.

Forrester’s Take On Salesforce’s Acquisition Of Tableau: What It Means For Customers

Liz Herbert June 10, 2019
Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau is no big surprise. Despite the massive price tag, it fits perfectly with the software-as-a-service giant’s ambition to become an insights-rich platform for all things customer. Watch this video to hear our take on what it means for customers. (I realize this video looks like it was shot from inside solitary […]

Forrester’s Key Takeaways On SAP Following The SAP SAPPHIRE Event

Liz Herbert June 3, 2019
Forrester VP and Research Director Allen Bonde interviews VP and Principal Analyst Liz Herbert on takeaways from SAP’s SAPPHIRE event. Also, check out our recent report on SAP and whether SAP is a good fit for your digital business.

Digital Business Success Requires A Modern Core

Liz Herbert April 19, 2019
Years into the digital era, we see many companies that haven’t invested enough in modernizing their core. The so-called back office and other operational systems can seem disconnected from goals such as innovation and experience — but they are intricately linked. A legacy, monolithic core hinders innovation, growth, and employee and customer experience. For example, […]

What SAP Customers Should Know About The $8B Qualtrics Buy

Liz Herbert November 16, 2018
SAP has been on an acquisition binge in recent years (SuccessFactors, Hybris, Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, CallidusCloud, Gigya, and others) — a marked departure from SAP’s build-it-all strategy of the past. Qualtrics is the latest — and largest — in this shopping spree. Like many of the other acquisitions, Qualtrics will roll up into the Cloud Business Group headed […]

Industry Ecosystems Will Be The Next Frontier In SaaS

Liz Herbert October 11, 2018
Nearly 20 years after SaaS giants such as Salesforce and NetSuite made their foray into the world of enterprise applications, we still see SaaS disrupting the traditional software world at a fast pace. SaaS growth remains high — with legacy software vendors pivoting to more (or all) SaaS and new disruptive vendors entering markets as primarily […]
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