The data is clear: Future fit companies outperform their peers by 1.6x. So, we get lots of questions from clients asking, “How do I get future fit?” Over the last few months, we published three case studies detailing the future fit technology strategies of the inaugural winners of Forrester’s Technology Strategy Impact Awards — Oshkosh Corporation (NA), Enel (EMEA), and Sportsbet (APAC). These companies had unique approaches to developing future fit’s core drivers — platforms, practices, partners, and people.

To help other organizations accelerate their journey, we identified the best practices for building a future fit strategy in each of the core drivers based on submissions from the aforementioned winners and other top performing companies. We added real-world examples to help you understand the approach and see how it could support your organization. The result is a series of four new reports:

  • What Makes A Future Fit Platform Strategy? A future fit platform strategy lets organizations drive scale, innovation, and ecosystems to maximize business impact. To build one, deliberately connect experiences and operations, find the right mix of proprietary and standard platform elements, and leverage AI for real business results.
  • What Makes A Future Fit Practice Strategy? A future fit practice strategy facilitates collaboration, coordination, and continuous improvement across departments, business units, and partners. To build one, link tech investments to business value, make continuous change an operating principle, drive shared accountability to speed time-to-value, and enable employees with self-service and training programs.
  • What Makes A Future Fit Partner Strategy? A future fit partner strategy helps organizations transform by orchestrating the value of their internal and external ecosystems. To build one, cocreate solutions to transform business, develop and operate business capabilities, improve innovation through emerging technologies, and increase ecosystem value and effectiveness.
  • What Makes A Future Fit People Strategy? A future fit people strategy enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their employees through positive employee experience. To build one, use leadership to inspire and motivate employees, empower employees to deliver, continuously develop technology skills and careers, and encourage creativity and innovation.

Some of you will want to adopt the lessons learned so you can become future fit, too. One great way to get started on that journey will be to hear from the winners of Forrester’s 2023 Technology Strategy Impact Awards this fall at one of our regional Technology & Innovation Forums — in Austin (September 10–12), London (October 12–13), or Sydney (October 31–November 1). And good luck getting future fit.