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The Dawn Of The Age Of Agents

Manuel Geitz June 12, 2024
So are personal genAI agents really coming and how will they impact consumer behavior? Get updates and insights on the "Age of Agents" in this post.

The Art And Craft Of Insight-Driven Transformation: An Interview With Dr. Mark Powell

Manuel Geitz April 16, 2024
We sat down with the author, consultant, and entrepreneur to discuss insight-driven transformation and how companies can move towards the next phase of digital transformation.

​Change Fatigue In Digital Transformation: Where Has All The Value Gone?

Manuel Geitz June 15, 2023
Change fatigue is not about stamina; it’s about a lack of perceived value. Read this blog to learn the key steps to stop fatigue from creeping into your transformation journey.

Change Management In Digital Transformation: There’s No Tunnel, There’s No Light

Manuel Geitz June 15, 2023
Change resistance can derail be best transformation roadmap. Read this blog to learn about the most common mistakes to avoid.

What Makes A Future Fit Platform Strategy?

Manuel Geitz May 19, 2023
We identified the platform best practices found in the other submissions to the inaugural TSI Awards. We added the submitting companies’ real-world examples to help you understand the full future fit platform strategy and see how it could support your organization.

The Age Of Agents? How GenAI And Digital Agents Could Rewrite The Rules Of Digital Strategy

Manuel Geitz May 17, 2023
Today’s winning digital strategies could be rendered meaningless by digital agents such as AgentGPT. Read this blog to learn why.

What Makes A Future Fit Technology Strategy?

Frederic Giron May 12, 2023
Learn the best practices for how you can build a future fit technology strategy in each of platforms, practices, partners, and people.

Digital Transformation: Don’t Drive Your Sports Car At Bicycle Speed

Manuel Geitz April 27, 2023
Many organizations are actively modernizing their tech stack but find themselves driving a sports car at bicycle speed — without a GPS. Successful organizations start by asking which race they are participating in before choosing a car. They equip drivers and mechanics with the skills needed to push that car to the limit. They choose […]

Digital Transformation: The Not-So-Secret Sauce To Getting The Basics Right

Manuel Geitz February 6, 2023
Learn the top three challenges to digital transformation as cited in a recent Forrester survey and the solutions to overcome them.

Meet The New Analyst Covering Enterprise Transformation

Manuel Geitz October 11, 2022
Meet Manuel Geitz, the new analyst covering enterprise transformation, innovation, and strategy. His core interest is in the execution of change.