Forrester forecasts that the volume of click-and-collect sales in the US will double by 2028 to exceed $200 billion, accounting for 12% of US online retail sales. Therefore, it’s good news that 71% of business and technology professionals in retail indicate that their organization is increasing their investment in expanding omnichannel fulfillment. The problem? Investments notwithstanding, consumers continue to experience challenges during order pickup.

Specifically, US online adults tell us that they:

  • Frequently see their pickup orders canceled. Fully 44% of US online adults said the option to buy online and pick up in-store significantly influences their decision to purchase a product online from a specific retailer or brand, per Forrester’s 2023 data. Yet 22% of US online adults said they frequently had orders canceled by the retailer/brand. One reason? Firms struggle to provide accurate and instant information about stocking levels within their stores.
  • Expect a faster pickup experience. One-third of US consumers use “buy online, pick up in-store” (BOPIS) options to avoid spending time finding the item they want in-store. Convenience remains one of the top reasons shoppers choose pickup options, but nearly one-quarter of US consumers said that their orders for in-store or curbside pickup frequently took longer than expected. Retailers are under immense pressure to optimize their picking/packing processes. Fulfillment tools, often supported by OMS solutions, can help.
  • Plan to continue using store fulfillment services. In the first half of 2023, one-third of US online adults used more BOPIS fulfillment services than they used to. Additionally, 31% of US online adults plan to use curbside pickup when it’s available. To deliver on consumers’ elevated pickup expectations, firms must understand the roles that several key technologies play in enabling best-in-class omnichannel offerings.

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