Consumers, Meet Your Virtual Match: Your Digital Double

Stephanie Liu May 29, 2024
Imagine if you could build an algorithm that makes algorithms work for you. You may not have to wait much longer.

Results Of The Forrester Wave™: Commerce Solutions For B2C, Q2 2024 — Digital Leaders Focus On Extending The Life Of Their Commerce Solution

Emily Pfeiffer May 6, 2024
Read Principal Analyst Emily Pfeiffer’s insights on the shifts in the B2C commerce market over the past two years.

Caution And Lack Of Understanding Steer UK Consumer Attitudes Towards Generative AI

Martin Gill April 25, 2024
Recent surveys about UK consumer attitudes towards AI and generative AI show one sentiment: cautious skepticism. Get three key takeaways from our most recent data in this preview of our upcoming session at CX Summit EMEA.

TikTok Users Are Split About TikTok Notes

Mike Proulx April 18, 2024
As TikTok begins to roll out TikTok Notes, it faces more headwinds than tailwinds as it tries to take on Meta's Instagram. Get a detailed analysis in this post.

50/50: Private Label Is Coming For You

Dipanjan Chatterjee April 2, 2024
Private-label products are increasing in popularity as prices soar. Brands should be worried — find out why in this blog post.

Balancing Personalization & Optimization In Commerce Search

Emily Pfeiffer April 2, 2024
Learn how to balance customer expectations and business needs with commerce search.

One Year Since Bud Light’s Marketing Blunder: What Did We Learn?

Audrey Chee-Read April 1, 2024
With the benefit of some hindsight, learn three counterintuitive reasons why Bud Light was particularly vulnerable to cancellation in this blog post previewing a full case study on the issue.

Five Key Insights Into Consumers’ Use Of Generative AI

Thomas Husson March 28, 2024
As is often the case with new technology that promises to change the world, consumer use of generative AI has raised some questions and concerns. Learn five of the key trends we see emerging around the consumer use of generative AI in this preview of a new report.

The State Of Digital Experiences In Manufacturing In 2024

Paul Miller March 27, 2024
On-the-glass and below-the-glass technologies drive digital experiences in manufacturing and help manufacturers adapt to changing customer demands, optimize production processes, and enhance collaboration across the supply chain. Learn how in this preview of our new report.

Florida’s New Law Restricting Social Media Use Will Be Tough To Enforce

Mike Proulx March 26, 2024
Florida's social media HB3 bill (that restricts teen's social media use) was just signed into law. What happens now?

Avoid Customer Dismay! Benchmark Your Store Fulfillment Initiatives.

Lauren Cevallos March 26, 2024
Despite increased investment, businesses fall short of consumer fulfilment expectations for in-store order pickup. Analyst Lauren Cevallos explains what’s happening.

Leverage Your Data For Stellar Commerce Search Experiences

Emily Pfeiffer March 21, 2024
Most US online adults use the search (not menu) function on a site to find products. Learn how quality data powers commerce search experiences.

Payment Methods Don’t Matter — Payment Experiences Do

Lily Varon March 12, 2024
Retailers and consumer-facing brands have been so busy chasing the next hot payment method that they’ve missed what customers really want when they make payments. Learn how to start incorporating experiences into your payments strategy.

Are You Advertising During This Election Cycle? Read This First.

Audrey Chee-Read March 5, 2024
The US election cycle in 2024 will it be the priciest media buy to date. Get three tips on how to prepare your advertising spend for the upcoming cycle.

50/50: Gratuity Has Reached A Tipping Point

Dipanjan Chatterjee February 22, 2024
Tipping fatigue is growing as automatic prompts on digital points of sale proliferate. Find out the consumer sentiment on this hot topic.

Generative AI Consumer Outlook, Q1 2024: Which Consumers Will Pay To Use GenAI?

Audrey Chee-Read February 21, 2024
Recent survey findings shed light on who is most likely to pay and which features they're more likely to pay for.

Consumer Spending 2024: What It Means For Your Brand

Dipanjan Chatterjee February 7, 2024
2023 was a confusing year: The consumers blew cold, and the economy blew hot. The recession-to-be didn’t materialize, and the economic outlook wasn’t half as bad as consumers would have you believe. Yet, notes from the post-pandemic blues keep wafting in the air no matter the macroeconomic drumbeat. This year, the economy is headed for […]

US Inflation Trends And Outlook, 2024

Jitender Miglani January 24, 2024
Looking ahead into 2024, Forrester expects headline inflation to decrease from an average of 4.1% in 2023 to 2.6% in 2024.

Stanley Tumblers, Sephora Skincare: Creators Are Turning Tweens Into Adults

Audrey Chee-Read January 9, 2024
Adult creators are turning tweens and teens onto grow-up products. What does it mean for brands?

Google Makes Good On Its Resolution To Deprecate Third-Party Cookies In 2024

Tina Moffett January 4, 2024
Marketers didn’t think that it would happen — here’s what to do now to ensure that customer data is ethically sourced and used.
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