50/50: Gratuity Has Reached A Tipping Point

Dipanjan Chatterjee 2 days ago
Tipping fatigue is growing as automatic prompts on digital points of sale proliferate. Find out the consumer sentiment on this hot topic.

Generative AI Consumer Outlook, Q1 2024: Which Consumers Will Pay To Use GenAI?

Audrey Chee-Read 4 days ago
Recent survey findings shed light on who is most likely to pay and which features they're more likely to pay for.

Consumer Spending 2024: What It Means For Your Brand

Dipanjan Chatterjee February 7, 2024
2023 was a confusing year: The consumers blew cold, and the economy blew hot. The recession-to-be didn’t materialize, and the economic outlook wasn’t half as bad as consumers would have you believe. Yet, notes from the post-pandemic blues keep wafting in the air no matter the macroeconomic drumbeat. This year, the economy is headed for […]

US Inflation Trends And Outlook, 2024

Jitender Miglani January 24, 2024
Looking ahead into 2024, Forrester expects headline inflation to decrease from an average of 4.1% in 2023 to 2.6% in 2024.

Stanley Tumblers, Sephora Skincare: Creators Are Turning Tweens Into Adults

Audrey Chee-Read January 9, 2024
Adult creators are turning tweens and teens onto grow-up products. What does it mean for brands?

Google Makes Good On Its Resolution To Deprecate Third-Party Cookies In 2024

Tina Moffett January 4, 2024
Marketers didn’t think that it would happen — here’s what to do now to ensure that customer data is ethically sourced and used.

If It’s January, It Must Be Time For CES 2024

Dipanjan Chatterjee January 2, 2024
What will be the three biggest themes to watch out for at CES 2024? Find out in this preview of the upcoming event in Las Vegas.

One Game To Rule Them All: Sports And Fandom In America

Dipanjan Chatterjee December 9, 2023
It’s not often that soccer and the United States are spoken of in the same breath. But a diminutive Argentinian possessing outsized wizardry changed all of that. Lionel Messi put US Major League Soccer on the world map, and Apple brought the games into American living rooms. On Saturday, December 9, it all comes to […]

A Recap Of 115 Retail Website Promotions On Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2023

Nicole Murgia December 1, 2023
Forrester’s retail research team highlights data insights from retailers’ online Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 participation.

‘Tis The Season To Master Retail Media

Nikhil Lai November 22, 2023
Retail media’s challenges signal growing pains unlike those of other channels. Read more on Forrester’s insights for this holiday season.

Holiday Magic Begins With Empowered Store Associates

Lauren Cevallos November 21, 2023
As retailers enter their busiest period, leveraging store associate tools is a must. Read Forrester’s insights on how to maximize their potential this season.

Apple Sales And Profits Analysis For FY 2023 — Top 10 Insights

Jitender Miglani November 21, 2023
Read this blog for analysis and the top 10 key takeaways from Apple’s FY 2023 sales and profits reporting.

Three Signs That Consumers’ Impulsive Spending Is Growing

Audrey Chee-Read November 8, 2023
Impulse spending behavior is growing — and companies are finding opportunities both online and offline to entice consumers to add to their basket. Forrester’s February 2023 Consumer Pulse Survey found that roughly one in two of US and UK Gen Z adults report making impulsive decisions when shopping. Offline, brands and retailers for years have […]

Consumer Spending Expectations — Holiday Edition

Dipanjan Chatterjee November 8, 2023
Consumers are mostly skittish about spending more this holiday than they have the rest of the year, and categories like beauty and personal care and consumer durables will fare far worse than health and wellness and apparel.

Tune Commerce Search To Support Santa This Holiday Season

Emily Pfeiffer November 2, 2023
Strong commerce search functionality will be pivotal in your customers’ digital shopping experiences this holiday season — learn what you must do to tune that.

It’s 2050 And Your Website Is Deserted: Why?

Julie Ask November 1, 2023
Websites will play a less prominent role in future consumer digital experiences for three core reasons: The digital touchpoint landscape will be far more fragmented. The number of digital touchpoints used by consumers is proliferating. Browsers are just one of many channels. The number of connected devices we use continues to grow. Web and apps […]

Five Holiday Shopping Trends That Will Surprise You

Dipanjan Chatterjee October 27, 2023
Brands must contend with a consumer caught between sagging confidence and a healthy pocketbook, making this a holiday unlike any other.

Predictions 2024: Consumers Embrace Calm After The Revenge Spending Storm

Audrey Chee-Read October 25, 2023
In 2024, consumers will embrace better habits with their wallets and minds, but moments of acute social tension could cause chaos for brands. Discover our consumer predictions for 2024.

US Holiday Retail Sales Will Reach $969 Billion In 2023

Jitender Miglani October 24, 2023
Forrester forecasts that total end-of-year holiday retail sales in the US will reach $969 billion, a 4.3% year-over-year increase. Read more.

Can Store Fulfillment Tech Help Solve The Retail Theft Crisis?

Emily Pfeiffer October 10, 2023
A retailer’s solution to solve increased shrink may already be in its arsenal. Learn how store fulfillment tech such as order management systems may help prevent retail theft.
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