“Change is constant” is an adage that haunts 2020, and consumer emotions are fluctuating with every shock to the consumer’s world. Forrester’s Consumer Energy Index reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing US consumers to feel measurably more fragmented and disconnected, doubtful that people and organizations will follow through on their promises, distracted, and vulnerable to the rapidly changing conditions in their environment.

Moments that ignite consumer energy generate customer enthusiasm for brand interaction and innovation adoption; moments that sap it cause this enthusiasm to wane. We’ve created a collection of focused research to help CMOs and brand leaders track the shifts in key consumer emotions over the course of the year.

The Ongoing Pandemic, Economic Volatility, And Social Unrest Extinguish Consumer Energy Around New Brand Experiences

Ongoing lifestyle adjustments as well as conflicting guidance on safety protocols and the future of the COVID-19 virus weigh heavily on consumers’ emotional well-being. As CMOs embark on business recovery, they should determine where and how their brand can inspire consumers with a renewed sense of empowerment and innovation.

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