B2B organizations must know their buyers, anticipate their needs, and empower them with each interaction — or lose to providers that do. Signals help transform the way we interact with our audiences across functions, disciplines, and interaction types, helping B2B organizations deliver contextual interactions with immediate value throughout the customer lifecycle.

Check out these sessions at this year’s Forrester B2B Summit North America to learn how you can harness the power of buying signals in B2B marketing and sales:

  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words: What Customer-Obsessed Companies Do Differently, Amy Bills (keynote)
  • Beyond The Breaking Point: It’s Time For A Revenue Transformation, Amy Hawthorne and Rick Bradberry (keynote)
  • Identify, Capture, And Activate Buying Groups With Signals, Amy Hawthorne
  • Unifying The Sales And Marketing Multiverse Of Insights To Predict Buyer Engagement, Seth Marrs
  • How Sales And Marketing Can Leverage Buying Groups To Supercharge Deals, Nora Conklin and Seth Marrs
  • Navigating The Future With Adaptive Programs, AI, And Autonomous Self-Driving Programs, Kelvin Gee
  • Skip The Small Talk: Generative AI And Conversation Automation Fuel Insights-Driven Interactions, Jessie Johnson

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