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Buying Signals Help B2B Organizations Reignite Revenue Interactions

Jessie Johnson April 30, 2024
Buyer expectations for immediacy, relevance, and instant gratification have carried over from B2C to B2B and been amplified with Millennials and Gen Zers comprising more than half of the modern workforce. From their consumer interactions, digitally savvy B2B buyers are aware that they’re signaling their interests through their behavior, content consumption, and social interactions. In […]

Harness The Power Of Buying Signals At Forrester’s B2B Summit

Jessie Johnson April 30, 2024
B2B organizations must know their buyers, anticipate their needs, and empower them with each interaction — or lose to providers that do. Signals help transform the way we interact with our audiences across functions, disciplines, and interaction types, helping B2B organizations deliver contextual interactions with immediate value throughout the customer lifecycle. Check out these sessions […]

The Forrester Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions For B2B, Q1 2024 — Five Key Takeaways

Jessie Johnson March 27, 2024
We've evaluated the nine most important conversation automation solution vendors. Learn what’s changed since we evaluated the market three years ago

What Salesloft’s Acquisition Of Drift Means

Seth Marrs February 13, 2024
Salesloft’s acquisition of Drift is a first step into marketing technology for sales tech vendors.

Announcing Forrester’s Embedded Conversation Automation Landscape For B2B Marketing

Jessie Johnson August 11, 2023
Conversational AI, chatbots, and automated marketing are not new to B2B marketing technology stacks. B2B marketing organizations leverage conversation automation solutions to better understand and enable buyers, customers, and internal teams by integrating signal-responsive conversations into existing workflows, tactics, and content experiences that span the full customer lifecycle. Conversation automation is quickly becoming integral to […]

Three Key Actions Help B2B Marketers Synchronize Buying Signals To Put The Customer First

Jessie Johnson May 10, 2023
By focusing on signals that illuminate customer preferences, perceptions, motivations, and influences, marketers can create more meaningful experiences and develop a more accurate assessment of value realization and propensity to buy.

Let’s Chat About B2B Personalization

Jessie Johnson April 10, 2023
B2B marketers overwhelmingly agree that buyers expect an experience personalized to their needs and preferences across sales and marketing. Personalization capabilities and components are distributed throughout the B2B marketing technology stack, but organizations often struggle to define an audience-centric view of the role of personalization that extends throughout the customer lifecycle. Too often, personalization starts […]

Announcing The Forrester New Wave™: Conversation Automation Solutions, Q3 2022

Jessie Johnson September 1, 2022
Marketers and technology vendors alike are rethinking approaches to engagement and enablement in response to the consumerlike behaviors of B2B buyers, heightened expectations for digital experiences, and the demands of a modernized workforce. The ability to automate conversational interactions using chatbots and virtual assistants (VAs) is one of many business requirements for organizations looking to […]

Three Mindflaying Facts About AI For B2B Marketers

Jessie Johnson August 10, 2022
Artificial intelligence has fundamentally changed our ability to understand and empower our audiences, whether customer or employee. Discover three ways B2B marketers are leveraging AI now.

Conversation Automation, Personalization, And AI: Five Key Findings For B2B Marketers

Jessie Johnson May 24, 2022
Across industries and audience demographics, conversational interfaces and the interactions they support are becoming embedded in the B2B digital experience as buyers and customers continue to show preference for self-guided interactions at each stage of their journeys. The ability to reach, engage, and enable empowered B2B audiences — whether buyer, customer, or employee — means […]

Take A Pragmatic Approach To B2B Conversation Design To Avoid Dystopian Dialogue

Jessie Johnson April 26, 2022
From their interactions as consumers, B2B buyers and customers are already accustomed to receiving relevant information curated by algorithms and delivered at the right time in dynamic and digestible formats. Across channels, devices, and interfaces, these audiences ask for what they want. They’re also aware of how their behavior drives the algorithmic co-creation of interest-based […]

Let’s Chat About Conversation Automation Technology In B2B Marketing

Jessie Johnson April 5, 2022
Conversation automation technologies help B2B marketing and sales leaders holistically approach the design, deployment, and optimization of conversational interactions to deliver relevance and value in the moment while informing the timing and treatment of the next action.

Putting B2B Personalization In Context

Jessie Johnson July 6, 2021
Rather than attempt to control the journey, marketing and sales must meet buyers where they are, anticipate their needs, and enable them to take that next step. Forrester analyst Jessie Johnson explains how B2B marketing leaders are rethinking the delivery of digital experiences and the path from personalization to contextualization.

Toss Those Tea Leaves: Reading Real Signals Of Growth And Retention

Amy Bills April 9, 2021
Teams supporting retention, cross-sell, and upsell are most effective when they focus on the right signals from buyers and customers. At B2B Summit North America, learn more about these signals and how to use them.

Inside The Black Box: Designing Sensors To Decode B2B Buying Signals

Jessie Johnson February 23, 2021
Moving from click-based engagement to real-time buyer enablement requires a change in approach. You likely already have signal-detection capabilities — the challenge is fine-tuning and scaling them.

Santa Claus Or Krampus? A Seasonal Guide To Buying Signals

Jessie Johnson December 21, 2020
Each holiday season, children get a visit from the jolly Santa Claus or the demonic Krampus, depending on their behavior throughout the year.

Dialogue In Demand: Enabling Buyers Through Conversational Interactions

Jessie Johnson September 30, 2020
Connecting conversational interactions across channels helps organizations deliver frictionless engagement and experiences with value to the buyer.

Meaningful Momentum: Defining Real-Time Buyer Enablement in B2B

Jessie Johnson August 21, 2020
  • Demand and ABM leaders are rethinking existing approaches to program and tactic activation to meet the consumer-like expectations of modern B2B buyers in increasingly complex decision-making scenarios
  • Buyer enablement refers to the shift from selling “at” buyers to enabling buyers to get the information they need in the moment to support their decision-making process
  • Real-time buyer enablement requires organizations to understand the signals characteristic of their buyers, where to capture those signals, and how to classify and connect those signals across systems and workflows

Sixteen Ways to Deliver Virtual Content Experiences When Event Plans Change

Jessie Johnson March 17, 2020
  • As plans or situations change, marketers must be ready to respond to the needs of their buyers, customers and partners in real time — and sustain momentum in planned programs to reach their desired outcomes
  • Host virtual event spaces, microsites and interaction mechanisms that align with the planned in-person event experience, with rapid iteration built into design, development and management processes
  • As marketers continue to innovate on their event strategy, digital properties and enabling tactic mix, it’s especially important to be respectful of data privacy regulations and contact preferences

“Affirmative, Dave – I Read You”: Enabling B2B Buyers Through Voice Experiences

Jessie Johnson August 5, 2019
  • Today’s buyers are using voice search and voice-powered digital assistants to access information, complete tasks and consume audio content
  • With the increasing adoption of voice interactions, demand marketers should start thinking beyond the screen for program activation
  • Innovative demand marketers have the opportunity to leverage voice interactions to optimize delivery mechanisms, offer strategies, and the website experience
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