Every year, organizations implement digital transformation efforts. Sadly, many of these efforts fail or don’t yield the results that were initially hoped for. When things go awry, C-level executives become alarmed about how the transformation has played out, while frontline workers bear the brunt of the blame. A finger-pointing game starts to unravel a myriad of factors behind the transformation’s disappointing results:  

  • Poor training
  • Unclear objectives and rationale
  • Lack of resources 

However, all these assumed “reasons” are merely symptoms and not the actual root problem.

Employees are often left behind by the implementation of new tech, which is commonly designed by tech-savvy pros who assume that frontline workers/non-tech business pros can automatically adapt. Tech leaders need to connect the dots throughout user networks if CX transformation efforts are to succeed.  

These five uncomfortable questions for any tech-related process/implementation will help identify the biggest challenges in your upcoming transformation and alleviate content and communications issues. 

During my upcoming track session at CX North America, we’ll delve into these questions that leaders can use to determine exactly where to focus their energy when starting a digital transformation initiative. We’ll talk about the best methods to infuse a SEEK, SOLICIT, SPEAK mindset while harnessing in a SAFE to SHARE environment. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to accelerate your transformation efforts with insights-driven leadership. 

Now What? 

Read the full report “Maximize Your Curiosity Velocity To Improve Data Culture.” Connect with me through an inquiry. I look forward to meeting you at CX North America. 

This post was co-authored with Fayzan Sabri.