I’ve been quiet on here for a while because I’ve had my head down in a major refresh of our digital research.

I can’t take all the credit. Far from it.

In the new year we’ll be relaunching our digital business playbooks to create a comprehensive guide to help C-level digital leaders articulate their digital ambition, identify the critical gaps and plan action. But why wait? You can get started now in advance of the full playbook with two key reports.

Start with a Vision

Earlier in 2017 Ted Schadler and Nigel Fenwick told you how digital rewrites the rules of business. Digital technology dramatically improves the economics and capabilities of every business. Digital natives like Amazon and Tesla and innovative giants like CaixaBank and General Electric (GE) embrace digital’s new rules of business. They create customer value with technology at the core. It’s your job as a digital business leader to apply the rules to engage, compete, and grow.

Gauge Your Digital Maturity

In September Pascal Matzke and I outlined how to gauge your digital business maturity. Digital business transformation is a journey, not a destination, and every journey has a starting point. Forrester’s digital business maturity assessment helps you gauge your firm’s current digital maturity against one of three distinct stages, and prioritize the competencies you need to strengthen or develop.


There’s more to come as we explore the strategies, culture, operating models and technologies that drive digital transformation. Stay tuned.