In Forrester’s Q1 2023 B2C Marketing CMO Pulse Survey, nearly three-quarters of US B2C marketing and advertising execs say that they plan to partner with creators and influencers in 2023. This doesn’t mean that all of these partnerships will succeed, however. In our just-released report, Best Practices For Creator Marketing Campaigns, we found that overdirection is the single most common pitfall for brands engaging in creator partnerships (see figure). Marketers have a hard time letting go, and those that try to control every piece of a creator’s execution will drain the life out of the content. Relinquishing some control and fostering trust in your creator relationships is crucial, because creators know how to make better social media content than you do. In fact, TikTok ads made with creators garner 83% higher engagement rates.


Avoid 15 Pitfalls At Every Stage Of The Creator Marketing Process


Mutual Trust Unlocks Successful Creator Partnerships

Marketers need to resist their urge to control. By prioritizing trust in your creator partnerships, you can unlock the full potential of creator marketing and create impactful campaigns that connect with your consumers. You’ll foster this trust when you:

  1. Choose partners wisely. Not every creator will align with your brand standards or goals. Be discerning — only collaborate with creators who match your expectations on areas such as aesthetics and brand safety. Vet each creator deeply, and make sure that you’re comfortable with their content before you sign on.
  2. Pursue long-term partnerships. Rather than one-off campaigns, consider how you might work with that creator over a period of time for many different campaigns. Mature creator marketers such as L’Oréal have multiyear ambassador programs that allow for authentic and consistent engagement with the creator’s audience.

Forrester clients: For more insights and direction on developing a successful creator strategy, check out the full report. You can also schedule a guidance session to discuss your creator strategy.