According to Forrester’s September 2023 Artificial Intelligence Pulse Survey, nearly half (49%) of AI decision-makers say that they are concerned about displacement of human jobs by generative AI usage at their organization. Others also have similar fears: A report by the American Staffing Association indicates that nearly three-quarters of American adults (74%) fear that higher unemployment is on the horizon as a result of AI integrations. Whether or not they are right to be concerned, concern isn’t a strategy. The time is now to prepare frontline B2B marketing functions, such as demand, account-based, field, and customer marketing, for their AI future.

AI-Powered Frontline Marketing Will Evolve In Three Phases

Frontline B2B marketing leaders need to anticipate and plan for AI displacements. They must upskill their teams and prepare for new roles as AI capabilities evolve. In my latest report on frontline marketing AI, I predict three phases of AI evolution. Each phase will require frontline marketers to adapt. The three phases are:

  • The independent and experimental AI usage phase. Frontline marketers will start incorporating their own AI applications into their job responsibilities during this phase. Displacement will be minimal, as productivity gains will be relatively small.
  • The vendor and agency AI features phase. Marketing technology vendors and agencies will introduce new AI features and capabilities to the platforms used by frontline marketers. This will significantly enhance productivity within existing workflows.
  • The AI marketing platforms phase. During this phase, low-code and no-code AI platforms will emerge, enabling and automating frontline marketing use cases. These platforms will raise productivity and innovation to unprecedented levels.

Leaders Must Embrace Change And Lead Their Frontline Teams Into The Future Of AI

It is crucial for frontline B2B marketing leaders to facilitate independent AI usage, provide training and support during the introduction of AI features, and prepare for the emergence of AI marketing platforms. By managing potential AI displacements effectively, frontline marketers will be empowered to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the age of AI.