(coauthored with Jeremy Vale)

Unprecedented … chaos … tumultuous … uncertain … all of these were top selections for the People’s Choice Word of the Year on Dictionary.com in 2020. We’ve heard them all ad nauseam at this point, and while many of these words still describe our current whirlwind of a year, 2021 has, in many ways, wrought out a sense of stability in our working lives. But even with greater equilibrium and the allure of precedented times perhaps on the horizon, we can’t get too comfortable.

Somewhat paradoxically, the unpredictability of the past year and a half underscored the imperative of predictive capabilities and decisions backed by sound data analysis and insight. And while some events may be truly unforecastable, there are windows of insight, however brief and small, that may give businesses a critical edge. As a result, relying on data and analytics for better predictive decision-making at a time of uncertainty is not a nice-to-have anymore — it’s a must-have for every enterprise.

For our annual Data Strategy & Insights event this November, we will bring together Forrester’s own analyst experts as well as other industry professionals to help shape the strategies necessary to confidently navigate the future. In sharp contrast to Dictionary.com’s 2020 adjectives, the theme for our event this year is Take The Lead: Clear, Confident, Connected. As a data and analytics professional, it’s time to lead your company to make clear, confident, and connected insights-driven decisions. Our keynotes will focus on how you can embrace change leadership, how connected intelligence will unify data and AI, and how to make confident decisions in an age of uncertainty. We also have three tracks with several sessions planned that will help you:

Connect To The Future Of Data And AI

AI has become ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean that we’re nearing the end of the AI renaissance. If anything, the pace of development has accelerated as firms struggle to keep up with smarter and smarter innovations. In this track, we will cover cutting-edge technologies, from data management and blockchain to next-generation AI platforms.

Create Clear Customer Impact

To become customer-obsessed, a company must understand how its customers behave, what motivates them, and how they feel about their experiences. This track will guide attendees on connecting the right customer data with appropriate analytical and research approaches to uncover customer insights that drive standout customer experiences.

Inspire Your Teams With Confidence

Firms underfocus on the human skills and the practices that will drive change and overfocus on the technologies, platforms, and tools. In this track, you’ll learn how to amplify key human skills, talk confidently and convincingly about using insights to drive transformation, and empower employees with knowledge.

We hope that you will join us this November 18–19, 2021, at our Data Strategy & Insights event! Take a peek at our full agenda and register here!