It’s an exciting time to be a B2B leader. Why? Well, first, anxiety and excitement have the same physiological cause and many of the same symptoms, so if you think you’re nervous about 2023, it could be that you’re actually excited. And, second, we have entered an era in which 74% of B2B marketing decision-makers agree that buyers expect an experience personalized to their needs and preferences across sales and marketing interactions; one in which we can prove that when marketing, product, and sales are in lockstep, growth follows; an era in which B2B companies can have Ozzy freakin’ Osbourne in their Super Bowl commercials. It’s a dizzying time, to be sure, but there’s help available to ensure that you’re able to adapt, act, and grow your business.

Each year, thousands of B2B marketing, sales, and product professionals gather at Forrester’s B2B Summits around the world to immerse themselves in powerful ideas, pragmatic frameworks, and compelling data that propel their business to become customer-obsessed growth engines. This year’s event in North America will be held on June 5–7 (with additional sessions the afternoon of June 4) in Austin, Texas, and digitally. We’re excited to welcome both new and returning attendees to an action-packed event. And you don’t want to miss the performance by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, our featured performer this year.

Need more incentive to attend? Here are the five main reasons why you should be at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America:

  1. Over 100 analyst-led sessions tuned to your priorities. Choose from a myriad of sessions and keynotes that will highlight new research, ideas, and frameworks within the marketing, sales, and product functions. You name it, we have it. From lifecycle revenue marketing, buyer experience, go-to-market architecture, sales and marketing operations, brand and communications, portfolio marketing, content marketing, and product management to partner ecosystem marketing, digital marketing, and other topics, we’ve got you covered. Take the opportunity to attend a session on something outside of your focus area — especially as you collaborate with your peers on cross-functional initiatives.
  2. Detailed case studies and success stories from leading global B2B brands and executives. Hear success stories directly from peers and winners of Forrester’s B2B Return On Integration (ROI) Honors and Program Of The Year (POY) Awards. The ROI Honors recognize organizations that have achieved strong cross-functional alignment across sales, marketing, and product to drive companywide performance and accelerate revenue growth. The Program Of The Year Awards dive deeper, telling stories of achievement within specific areas of sales, marketing, and product.
  3. Networking with peers to amplify your learning and influence. B2B Summit presents a unique opportunity to connect with your peers at other companies and learn how they are tackling similar problems to yours. Expand your ecosystem of contacts. Hear what worked for others, and learn how to avoid what did not work for them. And don’t miss some of our special programs, such as the Women’s Leadership Program on June 4 to help advance women leaders in the B2B industry.
  4. Multiple ways to directly engage with analysts to accelerate your initiatives. B2B Summit offers a number of formats to connect with analysts and research directors, including panel discussions, fireside chats, and more. Attendees can build a schedule that works best for them in terms of content and format. Schedule one-on-one analyst meetings, participate in analyst-led meetups, connect over meals and drinks, and take the opportunity to ask questions.
  5. Marketplace opportunities to learn about new products and solutions. With the rising number of sales and marketing technologies, it’s hard to keep track of everything out there. B2B Summit is an opportunity to learn about the technologies that are driving innovation in your industry. Come see if their solutions can help meet your and your company’s needs.

We are excited to welcome you to Forrester’s B2B Summit North America this June. However you choose to attend — whether alone, with a team, in person, or virtually — there is much awaiting you! Through thought-provoking sessions, meaningful discussions, and lasting connections, we look forward to providing value to you, your teams, and your business. Hope to see you there!

(Kiri Bartels, senior research associate, contributed to this post.)