Technology Alignment: The Key To Powering Customer-Obsessed Growth

You’ve likely suspected it and maybe have even said it out loud: Aligning technology with customer objectives can ignite significant growth. The data backs this up decisively. Forrester’s most recent study of business and technology leaders shows that companies with high alignment between technology and customer-facing roles experience 2.4 times higher revenue growth than those that lag in this area.

For technology leaders, this underscores the need to marry your tech strategy with customer-centric objectives. In today’s dynamic technology environment, this raises some important questions:

  • How do you build a robust alignment between your tech initiatives and business goals?
  • How can AI be effectively harnessed for both automation and optimization in IT?
  • What roles can generative AI play to help you win, serve, and retain customers?
  • How do you ensure that your tech organization remains both adaptable and resilient?

Prioritize. Accelerate. Succeed.

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