Danger! Obstacles Ahead!

Customer experience (CX) has been a professional competency for two decades, and “Prove CX ROI” is still our CX clients’ top priority! Forrester’s data shows that 86% of CX professionals are building (or rebuilding) their business cases. Regardless of how much distance you have covered on your transformation journey, how many projects you have under your belt, or how high CX ranks on the list of executive priorities, prepare to defend your CX spend. Better still, resolve to be more proactive in 2024 by aligning CX resources with company strategy.

Change The Focus From Your Budget To Your Organization’s Investment In CX

Justifying headcount by efficiency and output won’t be enough to save your team from scrutiny. To ensure that CX funding continues to flow, you’ll need to get back to the reason your organization invested in CX and line up capabilities to match. To facilitate this, AJ Joplin and I created a set of resources to align your CX investment with organizational objectives, focus on clearly defined capabilities to support the objective, and consider key ecosystem partnerships in advance of the next budget review. This new “Forrester Outfitters” toolkit is based on our research of over 200 CX and design orgs and conversations with over 75 B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and government clients.

You’ll want to put these in your rucksack:

AJ and I also recorded a webinar walkthrough of the toolkit last week: Make Sure Your CX Capabilities Are Mission-Ready.

As always, we’re not just the outfitters but the guides. We’re ready to guide you through this important journey and help navigate a successful transformation for you, your team, and your organization. If you have questions about how to equip your team, feel free to schedule a guidance session with AJ or me.