I’m thrilled to announce Forrester’s launch of its highly anticipated Forrester Decisions for Security & Risk service in Asia Pacific today.

Availability of this service couldn’t come at a better time for our clients:

  • Sixty-eight percent of Asia Pacific organizations were breached in 2021, up from 61% in 2020.
  • It takes regional organizations 32 days to find and eradicate breaches and 12 days to recover on average.
  • The average breach costs Asia Pacific organizations US$2.2 million.

The service leverages our successful new Forrester Decisions offering, empowering leaders and their teams to move quickly, de-risk decisions, and save time and money when tackling their most pressing priorities. It combines bold vision research, benchmark data, curated tools and frameworks, and an innovative hands-on guidance model through guidance sessions with analysts who are on your side and by your side. For security and risk leaders, Forrester Decisions helps our clients work on what they’ve told us are their key priorities:

  • Proactively managing enterprise risk and sustaining compliance
  • Leading a high-performing security organization and culture
  • Defending against cyberattacks and emerging threats
  • Implementing identity and access management for human and nonhuman entities
  • Establishing an effective privacy and data protection program
  • Securing products through their lifecycle
  • Securing and managing the risks of emerging technologies

Our service doesn’t just provide interesting insights and pretty charts; it is highly curated to leverage Forrester’s proven tools, frameworks, and benchmarks to work on real problems and generate real business outcomes. A service like this is only as good as the people delivering it, which is the most exciting part of our launch.

Jinan Budge leads Forrester’s research globally from Sydney on security awareness, behavior, and culture. A Forrester veteran, she brings practitioner experience from years of experience as director of cyber strategy at Transport for NSW and Qantas.

The service is also supported by an outstanding new addition to our team in Singapore, Fahad Ehsan. Fahad advises our clients on cyber strategy, architecture, and on our highly sought after approach that Forrester initiated a decade ago, Zero Trust. He brings to his role over a decade of security experience in senior roles at BNY Mellon, JPMorgan Chase, and UBS.

Through access to our bold vision research, clients will have access to cutting-edge research on trust by Singapore-based Principal Analyst Tom Mouhsian. Later this year, Tom will be releasing exciting new research, including a trust index for clients to understand how to build and retain trust with their customers.

We couldn’t be more excited about bringing this new service to our clients in Asia Pacific. If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact us here.