Throughout the year, there is an ebb and flow to the things that I look forward to, often triggered by a certain event. For example, once my family has the winter-sport holiday behind us, I look forward to warmer weather and sunshine. The same happens to me when Forrester’s B2B Summit in North America is over; that is the time when our preparation is ramping up for our B2B Summit in the EMEA region. We are in full swing right now with our preparation for one of the biggest B2B events in Europe. And now that the agenda is set and we are reviewing the sessions, I can honestly say, “This is going to be a good year!”

ADAPT. ACT. GROW. is our theme this year as the B2B landscape is ever-changing, influenced by many factors, from technological innovation (did someone mention AI?) to changing customer behavior and conditions in the wider world. The one constant is the importance of alignment: ensuring that sales, marketing, and product are all working together toward shared goals and objectives. As ever, Forrester is looking ahead to help organizations navigate this with purpose and skill. This year’s agenda is shaped around four track themes supported by our speakers and sponsors to deliver the information and insights that professionals need to make bolder, smarter decisions:

  • Enabling Customer Value And Experience. To drive long-term success, companies must move away from short-term goals and profitability. This track provides insights and methodologies for crafting strategies that focus on creating, delivering, and enabling customer and buyer value consistently across the customer lifecycle.
  • Driving Growth In Competitive Markets. Alignment is crucial to growth, but it’s not always easy to achieve. This track provides guidance on evolving internal and external collaboration and focusing on the customer to enable growth in a competitive landscape.
  • Optimizing Performance. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of people, processes, and performance is a common goal for B2B organizations. This track provides actionable content to help attendees recalibrate and refresh their approach.
  • Leveraging Data And Technology. B2B organizations can’t live without data and technology in a digital world. Piling on new technologies is not the answer, however. This track provides ideas for using technology and data to enable customer value and drive growth.

If you add the keynotes, the Executive Leadership Exchange, the Women’s Leadership Forum, the Return On Integration and Program Of The Year Awards, the many case studies, and the unique opportunity to network with analysts, vendors, and peers in B2B, it is easy to see why I am excited about this year’s event.

The event is once again hybrid, combining in-person interaction at London’s O2 InterContinental hotel over three days on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of October with digital content that will be available to attendees before, during, and up to 90 days after the event. As I said, I am excited, and I hope you share my enthusiasm, because I can’t wait to see many of you there in person or connect virtually during the event via the app or social channels! The full agenda and registration information can be found here.

See you there!