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European Skill Clusters: A Solution To The Tech Talent Crunch?

What It Means April 28, 2022
With the tech talent crunch in Europe creating urgent challenges, business and technology leaders are looking beyond their local regions to fill their skills gaps. On this episode, Principal Analyst Dan Bieler and VP, Research Director James McQuivey discuss a new report that identifies and ranks Europe’s top talent regions, or “skill clusters.”

Der Weg zur unternehmerischen Nachhaltigkeit mit Technologie + X

Nachhaltigkeitsinitiativen sind kein “nice to have” mehr. Worauf es ankommt und wie Nachhaltigkeit in Ihre Technologiestrategie passt, erfahren Sie im Webinar.

Key Takeaways From IAA Mobility: Repositioning The Automotive Industry Around Changing Customer Priorities

Dan Bieler September 29, 2021
Forrester attended the International Motor Show Germany, rebranded as IAA MOBILITY. It took place in Munich between 7–12 September, 2021. The event was staged as a hybrid event. It managed to attract 400,000 “real” visitors, making it one of the largest trade fairs since the pandemic started. The buzz was noticeable, although visitor numbers were […]

Moving Beyond Digital To Become Future Fit In Manufacturing

Learn more about how European manufacturing organisations can evolve to become future-proof organisations.

Tech Executives Need To Make Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Core To Their Talent Strategy

Watch our panelists as they share how diversity & inclusion boosts innovation capabilities and opens new revenue opportunities.

Overcoming Disruption: How To Adapt Your Tech Strategy For The Future

While the pandemic has driven technology leaders to search for new approaches to help their organisations thrive – pandemics and systemic risks will only continue to increase in frequency and magnitude. Discover how tech leaders can prepare their strategy for the years ahead.

Open Finance Will Reshape The Relationship Between Banks And Their Customers

Jacob Morgan August 11, 2021
Learn the two crucial factors that will determine the pace and scale of open finance's opportunity.

Impressions From Mobile World Congress 2021

Dan Bieler July 8, 2021
Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC21) took place between June 28 and July 1, 2021, after Mobile World Congress 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic. This was the first time attendees could get a sense of the global state of and the major trends in the telecommunications and technology sectors in the previous 18 months. […]

Building A Private Bank For The Next Generation

Vijay Raghavan April 22, 2021
Significant gaps continue to exist in private banking, forcing firms to rethink pricing and organizational models. As a result, high-net-worth clients are not fully benefiting from some of the digital innovations that are changing how customers interact with their private banks. To identify the top “Global Private Banking Trends In 2021,” we interviewed senior executives […]

European Businesses Must Redouble Their Recovery Efforts For 2021

Dan Bieler April 16, 2021
European businesses must start preparing for a post-pandemic world. They need to target emerging business growth opportunities, devise a policy for hybrid remote and office working, and plan a way to return to business travel. Boosting employee experiences and employee engagement plays a central role for these endeavors.

European Predictions 2021: Regulators Prioritize AI And Remote Work

What It Means December 10, 2020
The year ahead will bring new regulatory frameworks, UK data chaos, and a shift in attitude toward remote work in the EU. VP and Group Director Laura Koetzle explains what lies ahead on this episode of What It Means.

Why Customer Experience? Why Now?

Martin Gill October 22, 2020
One of the things I was most looking forward to in 2020 as I returned to focus on our European consumer research was CX EMEA. I’ve always enjoyed Forrester events, both as a customer more than a decade ago, as an analyst presenting, and as a research director acting as MC. It’s a chance to […]

Why Is Europe’s Automation Adoption Different From The Rest Of The World?

Bernhard Schaffrik September 29, 2020
Automation benefits, such as efficiency and productivity gains and improved customer and employee experience at lower cost, are globally valid and understood. But there are significant differences in adoption speed and intensity of software-based automation technologies across Europe compared to the Americas and Asia Pacific. Software-based automation technologies include robotic process automation, digital process automation […]

Early Findings From Forrester SiriusDecisions’ Global Audit of Account-Based Marketing

Nicky Briggs September 4, 2020
  • Our recent global study of account-based marketing (ABM) reveals that the sands are shifting, with lines becoming increasingly blurred between ABM deployment types
  • Budgets are rising, partly due to increasing maturity, but ABM leaders are also being asked to cover more accounts
  • ABM leaders must not compromise on core tenets of ABM such as rich account insights, close collaboration with sales, and differentiated treatment

My Reflections From The 2020 European MSSP Forrester Wave™

Paul McKay August 5, 2020
My first refresh of the Forrester Wave™ evaluation on European managed security services providers (MSSPs) went live this week. In the previous Wave, differentiators in the market included matured escalation processes enabled by automation, remediation, and chat capabilities, as well as the introduction of mobile apps to improve the user experience. In the current Wave, […]

2020 German, French, And UK Tech Markets All Likely To Fall, With The UK’s The Most Vulnerable

Andrew Bartels July 22, 2020
Our tech market forecast for the three economies shows tech spending will fall 5% to 7% in the best-case scenario.

Forecasting In Uncertainty: IMF World Forecasts Of Deeper 2020 Pandemic Recessions Foreshadow Weaker Tech Markets

Andrew Bartels July 6, 2020
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is now projecting most countries will see real GDP fall by 7% to 10% in 2020. Find out what this means for tech market growth rates.

The Future Of B2C Buying In Europe: May You Live In Interesting Times

Martin Gill June 17, 2020
The pandemic has accelerated European brands' digital transformation and put company values in sharper focus. In our upcoming webinar series, learn how business leaders should respond.

I consumatori italiani si sono concentrati sul digitale. Ora tocca alle aziende.

Enza Iannopollo May 26, 2020
La pandemia sta cambiando rapidamente le abitudini dei consumatori Italiani. Alcune di queste abitudini passeranno con il passare dell’emergenza, ma altre rimaranno. Per saperne di più, abbiamo appena completato una ricerca su un vasto campione di consumatori in Italia. I nostri dati suggeriscono che i consumatori italiani continuano ad essere preoccupati, ma non solo dal […]

Les conséquences de la crise du Covid-19 sur le bien-être financier des consommateurs français

Aurelie L'Hostis May 26, 2020
Déjà bien avant que l’épidémie de coronavirus ne frappe, les recherches menées par Forrester révélaient qu’un grand nombre de consommateurs français s’inquiétaient de l’état de leurs finances personnelles et considéraient la gestion de ces dernières comme une tâche difficile. De fait, un an avant la crise, un quart des consommateurs français interrogés déclaraient se sentir […]
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