When Did You Join Forrester?

I began my latest career adventure with Forrester in November 2021. The Forrester “Bold At Work” values will be core drivers for my research, with the intent of enabling clients and technology vendors to also be “bold at work.” Together, we’ll accomplish great things.

I have always focused on delivering value through my efforts. Whether that was fieldwork in midwestern steel mills, designing hardware for real-time live image processing, modeling business operation with object-oriented analysis and design (OOA&D) techniques, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness with IT service management (ITSM) and configuration management database (CMDB) advisory, or improving risk postures through risk management initiatives, they all centered on value delivery.

I’ve been fortunate throughout my career to have worked with incredibly talented individuals from around the world. The collection of people amassed in the Forrester research organization is truly incredible. I’m ecstatic for the opportunity to work closely with them.

Where Did You Work Prior To Forrester?

My career spans a broad array of industries, roles, and organization types. I started three companies — two successfully launched, and one didn’t establish funding during the financial crisis. This one was my true love, and it’s not a coincidence that it centered on data science. I’ve worked alongside a scientist from the Manhattan Project and engineers who developed some of the original night vision technology. I then moved on to a software product company developing OOA&D solutions in Smalltalk.

My IT operations experience truly began when I joined a global financial services organization. I developed my foundation for IT operational experience, which culminated in me coauthoring The CMDB Imperative in 2009 with Glenn O’Donnell. An entrepreneur at heart, I sought out new opportunities within the organization to broaden my knowledge of IT. They included IT security, enterprise architecture, portfolio management, program office, and, of course, ITSM and configuration management/CMDB.

In the last phase, prior to joining Forrester, I founded and ran a global consultancy firm delivering IT operational efficiency and effectiveness advisory services for 13 years. My clients spanned domestic and foreign governments, global financial services organizations, regional banks, national retailers, technology firms, and both industrial equipment and automobile manufacturers. I’ve been blessed to have worked with well over 200 organizations and government agencies during my career.

This global exposure afforded me great opportunities to speak at conferences around the world and meet amazingly talented people. Most important though, I learned how different organizations operate around the world. It reinforced the impact that culture and policy play in IT operations and delivering business objectives.

What Will Your Research Focus On?

My focus is and has always been enabling organizations to deliver positive business outcomes. To drive that, my research will include artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), digital experience monitoring (DEM), application performance monitoring (APM), infrastructure monitoring, and cloud monitoring. It all involves logging, event alerts, and incident management. I’ll also be diving into observability (including OpenTelemetry and others), automation, infrastructure management, and CMDBs.

The background I acquired over my career in a wide array of operational and risk management disciplines gives me a unique ability to provide broad, perspective-based guidance. As I regularly told clients over my years of consulting, I lived through the roles, responsibilities, and decision-making scenarios I was brought in to consult on. It enabled me to provide tactically focused but strategically sound guidance. I will use that same expertise, in combination with the vast amount of Forrester resources, to provide guidance in my areas of research.

My soon-to-be-released blog and first report speaks to the need for IT operations to increase its automation capabilities if it wants to meet modern business demands. Modern technology operational culture needs to mature and leverage new capabilities available to it. Taking inquiries and briefings during my short tenure with Forrester has already demonstrated that there is confusion — or, at minimum, differences of opinion — on what AIOps is. I’ve had several clients outright ask, “So, what is AIOps?” My responsibility is to provide comprehensive guidance through my research and advisory that enables clients to succeed through positive business outcomes.

What Else Should We Know About Carlos?

I take my professional responsibilities very seriously. I also believe that levity helps everyone relax, deliver better results, and provides for more win-win scenarios. You’ll quickly learn that when working with me, few engagements will go by that I won’t joke about something. It eases the tension of a long day and sets a relaxed tone for what might be a difficult decision. I’m a foodie, lifelong soccer player, and most recently, a CrossFit athlete (yes, I know, all CrossFit people talk about CF). The last two obsessions are required to counter the first one. 😉


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