No matter what your company does and where it is, AI is the future. According to Forrester data (client-only access), more than 90% of enterprises worldwide have plans to implement generative AI (genAI) for internal and customer-facing use cases this year.

Consumers are getting on board with it, too. Sixty percent of UK consumers are familiar with genAI and one in three have engaged with it. This number is growing by the day, but as Shakespeare puts it, “all that glitters is not gold.” Consumers worry about genAI. Almost half of UK consumers believe that genAI poses a threat to society, and 40% don’t trust its output.

Build Trusted AI Experiences

Still, there is no doubt that genAI is the future, and enterprises are the de facto trust intermediaries between AI and society. In this scenario, the burning dilemma is not whether or not to adopt and continue to expand investments in genAI but rather how organizations can implement it in ways that encourage customer trust and strengthen their desire to engage with it.

As organizations continue to rightly invest in their genAI capabilities and consumer-facing use cases mature, business leaders should wonder to what extent their consumers are ready to follow them on this journey and question what they can do to gain consumers’ trust. In fact, how you design, implement, and manage genAI and its risks will have a fundamental impact on consumers’ desire to engage with it and trust it to manage tasks that will be progressively more complex and risky.

This year, my keynote speech at Forrester’s CX Summit EMEA will leverage Forrester’s trust imperative model and our unique data analysis to assess:

  • The levers of trust that are most important for consumers to trust in AI.
  • How consumers behave in different risk scenarios involving AI.
  • How upcoming European rules for governing AI systems will impact consumers’ perceptions and enterprises’ activities.

I will also share examples of companies across Europe that are successfully implementing AI and genAI in ways that build consumer trust and increase their desire to engage.

We have incredible content and a jam-packed agenda designed just for you and your peers to enjoy. Join me and my colleagues in London and virtually June 24–26 for insightful conversations with analysts and peers, lots of learnings, and many opportunities to engage. Register today.