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It’s Time Chatbots And Virtual Assistants Play A Bigger Role In The B2B Buyer Journey

Steven Casey December 11, 2020
With collective commute times down to zero and face-to-face meetings all but impossible, we’ve seen the B2B buyer journey become an almost exclusively digital experience. It’s time for B2B marketers to close the gaps in their customers’ digital experiences with the assistance of automated conversations created by chatbots and virtual assistants (VAs). These solutions are already popular in B2C and B2B markets, creating experiences that: Meet modern buyers’ expectations of immediacy. Help marketers chase the leads sellers never get to (or the ones you never get […]

Announcing The Forrester Wave™: Insights-Driven Business Process Outsourcing, Q4 2020

Leslie Joseph December 2, 2020
Buyer demand for greater value from insights and technology such as RPA, data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics are forcing both classical BPO and omnichannel BPO vendors to retool themselves into insights-driven BPO's.

The 13 Consultancies That Will Help Realize Your Computer Vision … Vision

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. November 11, 2020
All organizations need to leverage the AI-fueled (i.e., deep learning) revolution in computer vision (CV), but most can’t do this on their own. To help you realize your vision-ary ambitions, we have released our first Forrester New Wave™ evaluation of computer vision consultancies for Q4 2020. We looked at the top 13 CV service providers […]

AMD Acquires Xilinx To Bolster Its HPC Portfolio

Tracy Woo November 3, 2020
Last week, AMD entered into agreement to acquire chip manufacturer Xilinx through a $35 billion all-stock transaction. This is the latest gargantuan M&A deal in the semiconductor market to focus on new opportunities in processing, after the NVIDIA-Arm announcement. The AMD-Xilinx partnership is meant to broaden AMD’s product portfolio, which focuses on high-performance CPUs and […]

Announcing The Updated-For-2020 Forrester Wave™: Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations

Rich Lane November 3, 2020
Today, we released the “The Forrester Wave™: Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations, Q4 2020.” We looked at the top 11 vendors in the market and evaluated them across 33 criteria. Infrastructure & operations (I&O) pros looking for a new way to monitor and manage systems in the digital age can use artificial intelligence for IT […]

Amplify Intelligence With AI And Analytics — Forrester’s Virtual Data & Insights Forum, October 13–15

Boris Evelson October 5, 2020
They say data is the new oil. They say data is the new currency. They say data is the key competitive differentiator. All true. But reality is sobering: Only 7% of firms report advanced, insights-driven practices. Respondents to the same survey claimed that less than half (49%) of all business decisions in their enterprise are […]

Just Published: Dual Forrester Wave™ Evaluations On Text Analytics

Boris Evelson June 17, 2020
Enterprises have been successfully leveraging analytics platforms such as business intelligence (BI), predictive analytics based on machine learning (PAML), cognitive search, and others for multiple applications and use cases for decades. That has not been the case with text analytics or natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Forrester tracks over a hundred vendors whose platforms are […]

No Deploy, No Joy: Leverage ModelOps To Operationalize AI And Machine Learning

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. May 28, 2020
AI is hard. You know it, and we wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t a mission-critical challenge facing businesses today. Unlike the software development lifecycle, where good code is built to last for some time, AI models are subject to the dynamism and vicissitudes of the world they’re designed to represent. AI models […]

The 37 Major Machine-Learning Tools For 2020

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. May 27, 2020
Enterprises need more artificial intelligence and machine-learning (ML) solutions to drive value, transform their businesses, and outperform the competition. But firms find it challenging to navigate the lifecycle of developing, deploying, and maintaining their ML models and AI solutions. A key problem? They don’t have the right PAML (predictive analytics and machine learning) solutions that […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood AutoML-Empowered Data Scientist

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. April 7, 2020
(Jeremy Vale coauthored this post.) Automation-focused machine learning (AutoML) has the power to dramatically upscale AI at your organization. With AutoML tools, organizations can unlock valuable new business insights, embed advanced AI capabilities in applications, and empower data scientists and nontechnical experts alike to build predictive models rapidly. AutoML Gives New ML Powers To Data […]

Explore Computer Vision To Boost Your Brand

Thomas Husson February 21, 2020
The importance of logos, visuals, pictures, and videos is nothing new to advertising and marketing. However, the dramatic explosion in the number of consumer mobile devices with cameras and in the amount of visual content and sharing on platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snap, and TikTok make it crucial for marketers to break down these […]

AI Is A New Kind Of Creative Partner

Thomas Husson December 20, 2019
It's not about machines taking over. Rather, it’s about using intelligent technology to augment humans' capacity to create and execute ideas.

A Roundup Of Key Machine-Learning Announcements From AWS re:Invent

Leslie Joseph December 4, 2019
For data science practitioners, machine learning developers or insights-driven business leaders, here are the key announcements from Amazon's AWS re:invent 2019 show that you should care about.

Three Technologies Will Redefine “Core HR” To Power The Future Of Work

Mark Brandau November 14, 2019
During the past several months, I’ve attended global industry events, analyst days, and vendor customer events from ADP, Workday, the HR Technology Conference & Expo, SAP SuccessFactors, and Unleash World. At the Unleash World event in Paris, and in addition to moderating the talent management track there, I was also a featured speaker and unveiled […]

Voice Of The Attendee: Data And Analytics Strategy, AI/ML, CX, And Growth

Srividya Sridharan October 22, 2019
Learn the topics that data professionals want to hear about most at the upcoming Data Strategy & Insights Forum.

The Key To Your AI Transformation: Think Like A Supervillain

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D. October 4, 2019
Want to take over the world using AI? Contrary to popular belief, AI technology isn’t going to design a plan for AI-enabled world domination for you. (And don’t hold your breath, it won’t be doing so anytime soon.) Instead, it is on you to identify the untapped, world-changing business opportunities that best leverage AI’s unique […]

FinovateFall 2019: What’s Shifting In Fintech Innovation

Alyson Clarke September 25, 2019
I had the pleasure of attending FinovateFall in NYC over the past two days to see the latest and greatest in innovations from more than 70 fintechs. In the video below, I share my thoughts about what was great, what was missing, and what’s shifting in fintech innovation.  

Build An Adaptive Workforce For Customer Obsession

J.P. Gownder September 13, 2019
Henry Ford’s old dictum — “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black” — doesn’t apply in the age of the customer. Meeting customer desires and needs is paramount for success, but it’s getting harder to do so. Whether that be in the form of […]

Kicking Off Our New Research On Autonomous Finance: FORR/3 Video

Peter Wannemacher September 6, 2019
Forrester has recently kicked off some new research focusing on services and companies that make financial decisions and take action on behalf of consumers. You can take a very short survey on this topic here. I’m psyched to present here our first FORR/3 video episode on this topic (see below)! In it, Oliwia Berdak and […]

Uncover Your Hidden Media With Artificial Intelligence

Nick Barber September 3, 2019
If you’re like many companies that we talk to, then you’re creating more images and videos because you know that’s the kind of content that engages your customers and prospects. But with more content comes more disorganization; valuable content is lost in disorganized folder systems, it’s not tagged correctly, or it lives across multiple, disconnected […]