In 2023, sales technology companies caught AI fever like the rest of the world. Sales use cases represent an enormous opportunity for AI disruption, which forced funding-strapped vendors to invest in AI despite limited funds. Vendors added key technologies such as insight-to-action engines and cadence capabilities to round out their platforms, setting the stage for a new, unified sales technology category.

Sales buyers, intrigued but not convinced of consolidation value in 2023, refined their tech stacks but prepared to take advantage when it materialized in the future. The blogs I’ve written over the course of the year plot the happenings in sales technology from the perspective of someone who believes in the potential of sales technology but is also a skeptic. The blogs below represent my perspective on the year and what it means going into 2024:

Next year promises to be exciting, as consumers are more willing to share data in return for increased value. Large vendors will release new capabilities that better leverage their unified platforms. Connect with me on LinkedIn to hear my perspective on the sales technology market in 2024. It’s going to be a fun year.