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Each week, the What It Means podcast invites Forrester analysts to discuss the latest trends and challenges to help business and technology leaders make bold decisions and become truly customer-obsessed. Topics range from tech-driven innovation and CX design to B2B buying trends and marketing planning. Listen now and subscribe to get a new episode each week. Got a comment or question? Email our team at podcast@forrester.com.

Latest Episodes


The Power Of A Values-Based Strategy

What It Means June 1, 2017
Forrester Principal Analyst Jim Nail shares how brands can align with consumers’ values to win their hearts and wallets.

Countdown To GDPR

What It Means May 25, 2017
Forrester Principal Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo examines the impact of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which rewrites privacy rules and converts privacy as a human right to a force of market disruption.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity: Learnings From WannaCry

What It Means May 18, 2017
Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard explains the WannaCry ransomware attack and what it means to business and technology leaders as companies and institutions become increasingly under siege from cyberthreats.

The Death Of A (B2B) Salesman

What It Means May 11, 2017
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Andy Hoar discusses the large-scale displacement of B2B sales reps by 2020, triggered by the powerful combination of empowered customers and digital technologies.

Futurology: From Mobile Silos To Open Ecosystems

What It Means May 4, 2017
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Michael Facemire describes a technology future that is on one level so obvious and human but on another level fundamentally disruptive.

The Uncertain Future Of Banks

What It Means April 27, 2017
Forrester Vice President and Research Director Benjamin Ensor discusses the uncertain future of banks — and the outside players threatening banks’ relationship with customers.

With Me Or Against Me: The Values-Based Consumer

What It Means April 20, 2017
Forrester Senior Data Analyst Anjali Lai examines how the current turbulent social climate and the emergence of the values-based consumer are putting pressure on brands to take a stand.

The Rise Of The Industrial Digital Platform

What It Means April 13, 2017
Forrester Vice President and Research Director Pascal Matzke examines the rise of industrial digital platforms and how they are changing businesses and creating new and powerful products and markets.

Man And Machine: The Future Of Jobs

What It Means April 6, 2017
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst J.P. Gownder digs into how automation and robotics will affect employment and the very nature of jobs.

The Retailer’s Dilemma — A Brick-And-Mortar Or Brand Problem (Or Both)?

What It Means March 30, 2017
Forrester Principal Analyst Brendan Witcher examines the current and somewhat confusing state of retail, disentangling why some retailers are struggling in a market that has more tailwinds than headwinds.

The CIA Breach And The IoT Security Wake-Up Call

What It Means March 23, 2017
Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard discusses the implications of the CIA breach — exposing the immediate and far-reaching security threats driven by the internet of things (IoT) at a time when many companies are prioritizing time-to-market over minimizing risk.

Rethinking Customer Loyalty

What It Means March 16, 2017
Forrester Analysts Emily Collins and Rick Parrish examine the changing — or eroding — state of customer loyalty, as aged loyalty programs are misfiring against customer priorities and companies struggle for the hearts, minds, and spend of empowered, restless customers.

The New Tech Revolution

What It Means March 9, 2017
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins discusses the new technology revolution and its far-reaching implications in terms of what companies are and how they need to work.

The Economics Of CX

What It Means March 2, 2017
Forrester Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian reveals the powerful (potential) relationship between customer experience (CX) efforts and financial performance — as well as the challenges many are facing to convert on that opportunity.

The New Business Of Emotion

What It Means February 24, 2017
James McQuivey, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, delves into the recent discoveries on how emotion really works and what it means for your brand and customer experience design.