We are happy to announce the publication of a collection of data snapshots on senior technology decision-makers’ attitudes and behaviors around being future fit. Forrester defines future fit tech strategy as “an approach to technology that enables an organization to quickly reconfigure business structures and capabilities to meet customers’ future needs and expectations.” In fact, Forrester’s research indicates that companies that embrace a future fit tech strategy grew revenue 1.8 times faster than their peers. Thus, it is important to understand the key capabilities that contribute to an organization’s future fit journey (Figure 1).

Future Fit strategies include Adaptive, Creative, Resilient, Key Drivers include Platforms, Practices, and Partners.

To showcase the attitudes of leaders on key components of future fitness, our team worked on a series of data snapshots. Data snapshots are short, data-focused content that highlight Forrester’s quantitative research and summarize key conclusions from a thought-provoking specific data point, metric, or survey question. The data included in our newest collection comes from Forrester’s recently released Future Fit Survey, 2022 and showcases the differences in attitudes and behaviors on future fit drivers across traditional, modern, and future fit respondents.

The topics included in this series of snapshots are the following:

  • Adaptive. Having an adaptive culture where employees embrace constant changes is an important aspect on the journey to future fitness. The data shows that this is a higher priority for respondents from future fit organizations than their traditional counterparts. Read the adaptive data snapshot here.
  • Creative. Embracing creativity as an operating principle is critical to provide differentiating offerings and experiences. Those from future fit organizations have already recognized the importance of creativity, as the data shows. Read more here.
  • Resilient. Future fit orgs embrace resilience, which allows them to maintain customer trust even during unprecedented events and crisis. This data snapshot highlights the importance of innovation in making an organization more resilient.
  • Platforms. Leveraging open, scalable, and adaptive platforms rather than individual technology stacks to accelerate value delivery is a higher priority for those from future fit organization. Read the platforms data snapshot here.
  • Practices. Business and technology professionals at future fit organizations understand the importance of balancing their global and local IT strategy to maximize efficiency while also incorporating local customization and differentiation. Check out our practices data snapshot to delve deeper.
  • Partners. Future fit organizations understand the importance of driving co-innovation partnerships to jointly create value, as outlined in this data snapshot.

After checking out the data snapshots linked above, connect with us to learn how future fitness can help your company in an inquiry or guidance session.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Cullen, Michael Kearney, Analise Gutierrez, Zachary Dallas, Dan Purchia, Anna Synakh, and Hannah Murphy for contributing to this series of data snapshots.