The holiday season brings unique opportunities and challenges for businesses. Read our insights to end the year on a high note.



Retailers: Kick Off The Holiday Season With Our 2022 Guide

Fiona Swerdlow 18 hours ago
Prepare for end-of-year holiday season shopping with authentic marketing, inventory visibility, value-add info, and other tactics to increase customers’ confidence.

Retailers In A Tough Spot After Major Sales Events Announcements

Brendan Witcher September 28, 2022
Wise retailers will be highly detail-oriented in their holiday strategies, especially given the macro-level conditions across many global markets.

Introducing The 2022 End-Of-Year Holidays Blog Prep Series

Fiona Swerdlow September 28, 2022
Holiday planning is already well underway, and now it’s all about executing on marketing plans, site adjustments, and other finishing touches online and in-store. Read our insights to help you prep for the 2022 season!

2021 US Holiday Forecast — US Online Holiday Sales Will Approach $200 Billion In 2021

Eric Haggstrom December 15, 2021
US online retail sales will grow by 10% for the 2021 holiday season, reaching just under $200 billion.

Ransomware Affects The Entire Retail Supply Chain This Holiday Season

Allie Mellen December 15, 2021
US online holiday sales grew by 30% in 2020, and Forrester forecasts that it will grow another 10% year over year in 2021. This growth raises the stakes for retail professionals to support the increased demand, which ultimately makes them a prime target for ransomware attackers. Why Should Retailers Pay Attention To Ransomware Preparedness? Ransomware […]

A Recap Of Website Promotions On Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2021

Sucharita Kodali December 8, 2021
To get a closer look at what retailers did online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we reviewed 75 retailer and brand home pages, spanning several product categories. Here are the highlights.

Leave No One Behind This Holiday Season: Use Inclusive Language

Gina Bhawalkar November 11, 2021
Is your site ready to welcome all customers this holiday season? Follow these best practices to apply inclusive language in your customer experience.

Retailers: Stop The Bots From Further Wreaking Havoc With Your Supply Chain

Sandy Carielli November 8, 2021
Retailers, the time is now to manage supply chain risks, raise bot defenses, and prioritize customers this holiday season.

Metaverse, NFTs, Sustainability, And Loyalty — Highlights Of Singles’ Day 2021

Xiaofeng Wang November 7, 2021
Double 11, or Singles’ Day, the world’s largest online shopping festival that is bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, has been consistently smashing mind-blowing gross merchandise value (GMV) records year by year since 2009. As the actual promotion period gets longer and longer — Singles’ Day’s 2021 presales moved up from 2020’s November […]

Gluttonous Persuasion: The Christmas Dinner Problem Of Retail

Andrew Hogan October 22, 2021
Retailers: of course it’s ok to influence people to choose your products. What you should avoid is veering from persuasion into coercive and deceptive design (formerly referred to as dark patterns).

Tune Order Management NOW To Create Stellar Customer Experiences This Holiday Season

Emily Pfeiffer October 19, 2021
Speed, options, and transparency should guide holiday-season planning. Learn how to deliver on customers' expectations this year.

Play The Long Game With Email Marketing This Holiday Season

Shar VanBoskirk October 14, 2021
The stakes around your email program are higher. Think and plan long term to do right with email marketing this holiday season.

The Recipe For Holiday Success: A Heaping Helping Of Confidence

Andrew Hogan October 12, 2021
It’s the second holiday season of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, like last year, your prospects and customers want confidence, not questions, when using apps and websites. Learn how to provide that confidence.

Holiday 2021: Three Holiday Tips For Retail Media Networks

Collin Colburn October 7, 2021
The holiday season matters a lot to retailers, but it is also a busy and important time for media businesses. Most advertisers spend a significant portion of their ad dollars in the last quarter of the year. So, retailers with a media network should be ready to compete for ad dollars during the holiday season.

The 2021 End-Of-Year Holidays Blog Prep Series Kicks Off!

Fiona Swerdlow October 6, 2021
Over the coming weeks, we'll advise retailers on holiday prep topics from application security and bot management to consumer “confidence” measures, marketing tactics, and much more.

Holiday 2021: India’s Festive Season Will Generate $9.2 Billion In Online Sales

Jitender Miglani October 2, 2021
In India, Navaratri marks the beginning of the festive season. After the nine days of Navaratri, the Dussehra festival is celebrated. Diwali, one of the most important Indian festivals, is celebrated 20 days after Dussehra. The dates change every year, per the Hindu calendar. In 2021, Navaratri will begin on October 7. Dusshera will fall […]

Retailers: Here’s How Consumers Are Shopping This Holiday Season

Sucharita Kodali December 17, 2020
The retail holiday season is in the home stretch. We expect US online holiday sales this year will top $173 billion — or fully 24% more than last year.

Thanksgiving Signals That The Holidays Are Kicking Off In Earnest — With A 2020 Twist

Fiona Swerdlow November 25, 2020
Thanksgiving and Black Friday are upon us, so we asked consumers how they’re thinking about holiday shopping. Among US online consumers we surveyed in early November, we found that: Holiday offers are out there — even if not all consumers are ready. Close to half (45%) of US online adults we surveyed hadn’t started thinking […]

Marketing For A Healthy Holiday Season

Shar VanBoskirk November 24, 2020
Consumer marketing leaders have a tall order every holiday season: to drive 30% of their firm’s annual sales. This year, their task also includes making up for sales lost due to COVID-19 shutdowns and shut-ins, while limiting in-person crowds. I, along with my colleagues Jay Pattisall, Julie Ask, Jim Nail, Tina Moffett, Sucharita Mulpuru, and […]

2020 US Online Holiday Sales — Online Holiday Sales Will Reach Historic Levels Despite Uncertainty From COVID-19

Viraj D'Costa November 18, 2020
US online holiday sales in 2020 will total a historic $173 billion as pandemic conditions lead more consumers to shop primarily or exclusively online. Learn more.
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