Imagine spending most of your time during the peak of a New England winter researching for a Forrester Wave™ evaluation on a topic (infrastructure automation) that is hotter than ever. Is it a coincidence, or did we time it precisely to publish the report at the onset of spring? I think the latter. 😊 The results of this research boost my confidence that the infrastructure automation market presents a few key opportunities. Like the weather, it’s going to be greener pastures for those focused on automation.

Undoubtedly, these evaluations are both time-intensive and time-sensitive. While I was burning that colloquial midnight oil researching, participating vendors were doing their best to fulfill their own parts of the process. Thank you to all, as you spent many hours submitting answers to detailed questionnaires, lining up customer references, and preparing for executive briefings and very involved multistage demos.

Finally, I am happy to share the fruits of this exercise. We just published The Forrester Waveâ„¢: Infrastructure Automation, Q1 2023. I looked at the top 11 vendors: Amelia, BMC Software, Canonical, HCLSoftware, Micro Focus, Microsoft, Progress, Puppet, Red Hat, Resolve Systems, and VMware. I evaluated each vendor on 30 different criteria ranging from a comprehensive breadth of native capabilities to integrations and ecosystem. The report presents each offering, the criteria, the process, the scores, and vendor placement. I encourage you to read the report so you can make the right decisions for your own situation.

If you would like to discuss the results of the study to support your automation initiatives, I am an inquiry call away.