On June 5, 2024, SAP entered into a definitive agreement to acquire WalkMe, a leader in digital adoption platforms (DAPs) for US$14.00 per share in an all-cash transaction, representing an equity value of approximately US$1.5 billion.

How does this help SAP? WalkMe provides users with advanced guidance and automation features that enable them to execute workflows seamlessly across any number of applications, resulting in increased adoption of underlying applications. WalkMe complements SAP’s Business Transformation Management portfolio around SAP Signavio and SAP LeanIX solutions to help customers on their transformation journeys. With this acquisition SAP is doubling down on the support they provide their end users, helping users to quickly adopt new solutions and features to get the maximum value out of their SAP investments.

What’s in it for WalkMe? This acquisition provides WalkMe with the resources and customer base necessary to enhance and expand their product offerings and market reach. It also unlocks substantial growth opportunities and delivers greater value to their customers. WalkMe DAP works on top of an organization’s application landscape, detecting where people encounter friction and providing the tailored support and automation required to complete the job, across any application. Chiefly, WalkMe will continue to fully support non-SAP applications post-acquisition.

Enter WalkMeX copilot. WalkMe will also launch the WalkMeX copilot, using WalkMe’s contextual awareness and AI to suggest the best next step for any workflow. WalkMeX has the capability to always be on, serving as an overlay to any application, including copilots from different vendors. Integrating the strength of WalkMe’s adoption capabilities with SAP’s copilot Joule will boost AI assistant and productivity gains for all SAP customers. Additionally, integrating distinctive e-learning features in the SAP Enable Now solution with WalkMe will form the center of SAP’s people-centric transformation approach.


On June 11, 2024, IFS entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Copperleaf Technologies for US$12.00 in cash per share, representing a total equity value of approximately US$1.0 billion.

How does this help IFS? IFS is a strong player in the enterprise resource planning (ERP), field service management, and enterprise asset management (EAM) world. This acquisition expands IFS customer value through Copperleaf’s Advanced Decision Analytics Software for Asset-Intensive Industries and IFS’s position in EAM. As the most advanced provider of AI-powered enterprise asset investment planning and management software, Copperleaf offers compelling capabilities that add further depth to IFS’s position as the foremost global enterprise application software provider for asset- and service-centric industries.

What’s in it for Copperleaf? The combination of Copperleaf and IFS is very complementary, offering organizations an unparalleled breadth and depth of software capabilities. Over $2 trillion of physical and digital assets around the world are managed using Copperleaf software, which provides data and insights to help customers optimize decisions on where and when to invest in their business. This acquisition allows Copperleaf to enter their next phase of growth, enabling them to accelerate faster and offer customers greater capabilities.

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