It’s early February. Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring this year, and there is hope (and warmth) in the air.[i] But it’s not always rosy for you as a data, analytics, and insights leader. You tirelessly toil to get value from your enterprise data and try to apply those insights at scale to impact business outcomes. You may often find yourself in a circular pursuit of better data, better analytics, and better ROI from your insights efforts — hoping to leapfrog competitors. Fear not. Our team of analysts and researchers help data, analytics, and insights leaders drive business outcomes with the use of better data, analytics, and insights in customer-facing and operational decisions. We’re excited to share a new monthly blog series, “The Insights Beat,” which will showcase and curate our thought leadership to help you with strategies and tactics that overcome the Groundhog Day effect in your insights-driven business transformation.

This month’s theme: Build the foundation for an insights-driven business. Start by gauging where you are in your insights journey. Our latest benchmark research on the state of insights-driven business maturity shows that fewer than one in 10 firms are advanced in their insights practices. Businesses that consistently compete using insights have a mandate for a top-down investment in — and alignment of — people, technology, process, and data to service the entire enterprise with systems of insight. How do you build this foundation?

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(Aldila Yunus contributed to this blog post.)