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Each week, the What It Means podcast invites Forrester analysts to discuss the latest trends and challenges to help business and technology leaders make bold decisions and become truly customer-obsessed. Topics range from tech-driven innovation and CX design to B2B buying trends and marketing planning. Listen now and subscribe to get a new episode each week. Got a comment or question? Email our team at podcast@forrester.com.

Latest Episodes


Climate Change As A Business Risk

What It Means July 26, 2018
Climate change poses a serious threat to business operations. Vice President Stephanie Balaouras and Researcher Sal Schiano discuss how firms are preparing for climate uncertainty and why they must do so.

Robotics Quotient: How Humans Relate To Machines

What It Means July 19, 2018
As robotics revolutionize the workplace, how will humans find their place? Robotics quotient, someone’s ability to work effectively with robots, will soon be an essential skill. Analysts J. P. Gownder and Sam Stern ponder how employee experience can adapt to this bot-filled future.

The True Meaning Of Digital Transformation

What It Means July 12, 2018
Research Director Martin Gill explains the inherent issues that have plagued many digital transformation efforts and how companies can become fit for survival.

CX: Catering To A Creature Of Habit (Live)

What It Means July 5, 2018
Senior Analyst TJ Keitt explains the importance of habits in customer experience design and how brands should use them to develop a loyal customer following.

The Future Of Organizations

What It Means June 28, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Group Director Sharyn Leaver discusses the future of organizations — what companies will look like, how they will function, and how they’ll be managed to maximize agility and efficiency in the not-so-distant future.

The 2018 US Customer Experience Index

What It Means June 21, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Research Director Harley Manning discusses the 2018 US Customer Experience Index results and what they mean for companies trying to win on the value of CX.

The Customer Energy Index

What It Means June 14, 2018
Forrester Senior Data Analyst Anjali Lai introduces the Customer Energy Index: a measure of customer attitudes, behaviors, and actions that tracks the impact they all have on the global market.

Smart Homes And The Subscription Economy

What It Means June 7, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Frank Gillett discusses the smart home: the types of technologies in the market, the ways in which they’re used by consumers, and how the smart home could change the economy as we know it.

USAA: Excellence In Mobile Banking

What It Means May 31, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst James McQuivey interviews two USAA employees — Christy Rogers, VP of digital strategy and content operations, and Shauna Brown, AVP of bank digital channels — on USAA’s success in mobile banking.

The Algorithm Of Me

What It Means May 24, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo discusses the future of consumer data: its sources, purpose, and potential for changing the way brands and consumers interact.

The New Role Of Marketing

What It Means May 17, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Shar VanBoskirk discusses the new role of marketing — and how acknowledging and embracing change will lead to success.

Loyalty In Retail: From Transactional To Emotional

What It Means May 10, 2018
Forrester Analysts Emily Collins and Sucharita Kodali discuss the future of retail loyalty programs — and how retailers can drive emotional loyalty with customers.

RPA: A Building Block Of Transformative Automation

What It Means May 3, 2018
Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair discusses robotic process automation (RPA) and how the technology can help companies along the path to enterprisewide digital transformation.

The Zen Of Zero Trust

What It Means April 26, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Chase Cunningham explains Zero Trust: The concept behind the framework and how companies should implement it to protect their business.

The Dark Side Of Data Commercialization

What It Means April 19, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Jeff Pollard discusses the surveillance economy: the way that companies use personal data to influence and manipulate consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and decisions.

Looking Back To Look Ahead: The Best Of What It Means

What It Means April 12, 2018
What It Means cohosts Victor Milligan and Jennifer Isabella take a look back at the best and most impactful moments over the past year.

Nespresso’s Digital Transformation: From Vision To Operational Reality (Live)

What It Means April 5, 2018
Global Head of eCommerce Cyril Lamblard discusses Nespresso’s digital transformation from a centrally managed eCommerce team of seven people to a matrixed organization with more than 500 digital experts across more than 40 countries.

Russia’s Latest Cyberattack Sheds Light On Infrastructure Vulnerabilities

What It Means March 29, 2018
Forrester Principal Analyst Chase Cunningham describes how Russia’s cyberattack on US infrastructure sends a critical message to firms: Prioritize security or expect risk around business continuity, brand trust, and more.

How Financial Services Firms Are Reinventing Themselves

What It Means March 22, 2018
Vincent Bastid, CEO of the European Financial Management Association (Efma), discusses the necessary reinvention of financial services — and how firms must work together to accelerate transformation and innovation.

Reimagining The Customer Experience In Utilities

What It Means March 15, 2018
John Lincoln, customer experience leader at Duke Energy, and David Schoenberg, director of customer experience at PG&E, discuss how utilities are reimagining CX.