In my recent report, AIOps: A Crucial Component Of High-Performance IT, I speak to how AIOps is a critical tool for IT leaders aiming to run high-performance organizations. AIOps combines AI, machine learning, advanced analytics, and operational practices with business and operations data. AIOps enhances IT operations by enabling them to keep pace with business changes, elevating the impact of experiences on outcomes, reducing technical debt, repositioning internal processes as data-driven, and improving the organization’s understanding of how components work. Important to understand is that, whether you’re looking at BizOps, FinOps, IT financial management (ITFM), or even technology business management (TBM), they all rely on deep IT insights — insights that an AIOps solution can provide.

Provide Actionable Insights To Improve The Value You Deliver

By providing actionable insights and automating tasks, AIOps allows IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives, improve efficiency, and deliver better business outcomes. It can surface customers’ anomalous system utilization patterns after a market expansion, enabling business partners to adapt their online engagement approach and proactively avoid losing revenue. AIOps can show users’ real-time experience with a system, and if the user abandons their engagement midstream, then the AIOps solution can automatically inform interested business stakeholders so they can take action.

AIOps can help minimize technical debt by exposing existing technology use via comprehensive insights and enabling leaders to make fully informed decisions on procuring, expanding the use of, or retiring a technology. It reveals the data that drives IT and its processes, allowing IT operations groups to better streamline and automate their processes and actions. AIOps can expose gaps or weaknesses in the IT capabilities you need to deliver comprehensive, full-stack AI/machine-learning-enabled IT operations, as well as where you can improve performance. Improvements include technology automation, cocreation opportunities through low-code development, or the deployment of TuringBot technologies.

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Starting your AIOps journey requires careful planning, detailed designs, strong testing, and governance controls. Despite these risks, maintaining the status quo is not an option. AIOps is a crucial component of high-performance IT, but it needs great data to realize positive business outcomes. AIOps is the source for exposing and contextualizing that great data, helping your team deliver high performance.

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