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If You Can Say It, You Can See It: Dall-E And You

William McKeon-White 5 days ago
Or, “How a natural language image generation AI used as a meme generator by social media may impact your business.” Welcome To The Future — It’s Got AI-Generated Art Let’s play a quick game. Which of the below images were made by an AI system generating images based on word prompts? Let’s pretend you guessed […]

The Metaverse Must Be Deeply Human-Centric

David Truog June 7, 2022
At Augmented World Expo 2022, amid the existential debate about the metaverse, there was an increased focus on ensuring its UX is humane, and communal.

Ten Principles For Designing The Metaverse

David Truog May 10, 2022
Ten principles you can use as a foundation for envisioning your organization’s path to the metaverse

Beyond The Cartoonish Metaverse — XR Designers And Users Deserve Better

David Truog April 28, 2022
XR designers cut corners because of the limitations of headsets but XR streaming from the cloud could liberate them.

There Is No Metaverse Today, But Be Prepared

Mike Proulx March 29, 2022


The Metaverse Is Born — Now It Needs To Grow Up

David Truog November 15, 2021
At AWE 2021 last week it was clear that companies working on AR and VR experiences must refocus from tech to people.

Most Chatbots Disappoint — Here’s How To Make Them Better

David Truog November 9, 2021
To create an effective chatbot you need to master conversation design, a new discipline for experiences based on conversational AI.

Adobe’s Virtual Collaboration Bet Will Win If It Evolves Quickly

David Truog November 1, 2021
Helping people collaborate effectively to design experiences is a higher priority than ever. It would be high even if COVID-19 hadn’t hit us, simply because it’s increasingly clear that better experiences drive higher engagement, enrichment, retention, and recommendation. But the pandemic kicked remote work into high gear and, with it, the importance of being able […]

Get Good At Design — It’s A Wide-Open Path To Growth

David Truog August 17, 2021
Business results are increasingly tied to digital design excellence. Why is this happening? These three trends are pushing digital design to the forefront.

To Innovate Better, Choose Evidence-Based Innovation

David Truog April 29, 2021
Most companies know they need to innovate in their products, services, and customer experience (CX) but struggle to do it well. To find out what they’re doing to overcome that challenge, we surveyed organizations about their business priorities — including specifically whether improving their ability to innovate is a priority. Read our findings.

Predictions 2021: Trust, Safety, And Inclusion Will Be At The Core Of Customer Experience

David Truog October 23, 2020
In 2021, the pandemic will affect customer experiences and the CX profession even more than it has in 2020, especially in terms of trust, safety, and inclusion. Get a preview of our customer experience predictions for 2021.

The Future Of Buying Is Using

David Truog September 21, 2020
The shift toward consumers expecting and rewarding experimentation is motivating companies to focus on product as their engine of growth.

Drive-To-Store Et Nouveaux Comportements D’Achats : Le Futur Du Commerce

David Truog 9 Septembre 2020
L'évolution des attentes des consommateurs fait entrer les marques B2C dans une nouvelle ère. Découvrez les quatre forces qui vont définir l'avenir des achats B2C.

Vast, Fast, And Relentless: The Future Of How People Buy

David Truog September 9, 2020
The way people buy products and services has been evolving rapidly, and the fast and furious pace is only accelerating — sinking some companies while creating immense opportunity for others, new and old. Discover the four forces that will define the next era of consumer buying.

Customers Are Staying Home — So Prioritize Digital UX

David Truog March 27, 2020
With customers worldwide coping with the pandemic, companies need to recalibrate customer experience (CX) efforts, and with most people cooped up at home, it’s suddenly more important than ever to get digital experiences right.

Three Steps To Improving Customer Experience In The Middle Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

David Truog March 16, 2020
Read the three essentials of customer experience that every organization should prioritize during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

CX In France: French Customers Expect Better

David Truog February 11, 2020
« Les français sont exigeants » is how I summarized Forrester’s findings about the quality of customer experience in France last week at Paris Tendances 2020 — translation: “The French are demanding.” Why? Because, according to the 9,000 French respondents to our latest Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) survey, the quality of experiences delivered by […]

Empirical Innovation: Prioritize Evidence Over Instinct To Innovate Successfully

David Truog November 18, 2019
Many companies operate under the idea that "If you innovate it, they will come." Spoiler alert: They won't. Successful innovation relies on empirical research.

Who Should Design: Blend Democratization, Expertise, And Representativeness

David Truog November 13, 2019
The best CX arises when every employee learns design basics and a pro design team — that's representative of the intended audience — guides the process.

Deep Design: Designing Well Combines Art And Science

David Truog October 31, 2019
Many firms misperceive design as being about look and feel, but it's mostly about how things work — and its processes are rooted in the scientific method.
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