These Turbulent Times Require Us To Make Bold Choices

Organizations are finally emerging from two years of reacting to systemic disorder and uncertainty. To win in 2022, organizations must become more resilient, adaptable, and creative. Customer experience (CX), marketing, and digital leaders will need to proactively build customer engagement, loyalty, and trust to stay ahead of the curve in this fast-changing world.

Join Us In Sydney For Hands-On Guidance And Face-To-Face Networking Opportunities

Join Forrester’s flagship CX event in APAC on May 10–11, 2022, at the Sydney Hilton to understand what it takes to drive deep transformational change and create strong relationships with your customers and employees.

Trailblazing industry speakers from across Asia Pacific will share best practices and common challenges in establishing, funding, and scaling a CX function, including:

  • Tina Morrell, general manager for customer strategy and experience design at the NRMA, will explain how a CX transformation is not just about the customer but employees, as well. Tina will share best practices on how to drive different ways of working with agile, cross-functional squads implementing CX initiatives that are grounded in customer insights.
  • Marianne Rehn, group director of admissions and customer experience at Education in Motion (EiM), will provide insights on how to operationalize a CX vision with change agent programs. Over the past four years, Marianne has been training admissions and academic staff in CX best practices, mapping parent and student journeys, implementing CX projects, and communicating progress across Dulwich schools and other EiM schools in APAC.

Forrester subject matter experts will inspire you to action with our newest and boldest research, including:

  • Su Doyle will explain how successful CX leaders focus on organizational outcomes and align their work directly with those outcomes.
  • Vasu Srinivasan will provide best practices on how to augment human support with automation to deliver the right customer service experience.
  • Zhi Ying Barry will reveal insights on how you can identify moments that matter in customer journeys and design experiences for emotions to better engage with customers in those moments.
  • Amit Bhatia will explain how firms that link CX and EX (employee experience) initiatives see better business results than those that focus on them in isolation.
  • I will show you how to break the stigma of customer complaints management and turn it into a driving force for great CX.

Can’t, Shan’t, Won’t Travel To Sydney? Join Us Online!

You can consume all the presentations from our speakers on demand so you can multitask and slot it in around your normal day. And a bonus for those of you joining us virtually: You’ll have access to exclusive, digital-only sessions, including:

  • Brandon Purcell will provide tips, quips, and insights into how to unite quantitative and qualitative research methodologies for stronger customer understanding.
  • Tom Mouhsian will share best practices on how to forge stronger collaboration between CX and finance teams.
  • Xiaofeng Wang will reveal insights on how to embrace ethical CX and marketing practices to enhance customer trust and loyalty and bring long-term value.

We very much look forward to seeing you at CX APAC 2022, either in person or online. Register today!