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CX: How Indian Brands Performed In 2021

Amit Bhatia September 2, 2021
Ever watched “50 First Dates“? It’s the one where Adam Sandler woos Drew Barrymore, but there’s a catch: Each date is a “first date” because she can’t remember anything from their previous encounters — all thanks to her short-term memory loss. So, he’s forced to impress her all over again, every single day. A version […]

Pandemic CX: How Indian Brands Performed In 2020

Amit Bhatia October 5, 2020
If you follow cricket and the ongoing Indian Premier League, you know one thing for certain: In any given game, a team’s past performance is no indicator of future results. No team and no player can rest on their laurels. You’d say this is true of any sport, but this is truer of the compressed […]

What Makes A Payments App Successful?

Arnav Gupta January 2, 2020
Excellence in digital experience is fast becoming a nonnegotiable expectation that customers have of a brand. The thing about expectations is that once they rise, they become par for the course. Payments apps are no exception! We recently analyzed eight apps from Indian payments providers. We found that with the next-to-zero cost of switching in […]

Do You Recruit Bad Employees As A Matter Of Policy?

Amit Bhatia December 10, 2019
No organization purposefully recruits bad employees. But a bad employee experience can turn any worker into poor performer. Learn more.

What Does CX Look Like In India?

Amit Bhatia September 23, 2019
It’s that time of the year again when we publish results from our annual Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) survey to benchmark the customer experience provided by major brands in India. For those who came in late, here’s a quick introduction to the methodology: The survey is based on Forrester’s CX Index framework, which is designed […]

CX In India: Looking Back To Look Ahead

Amit Bhatia May 12, 2019
So unless you’ve been living under a corporate rock for the past few years, you’ve certainly been bombarded with buzz around two words: “customer experience.” The problem with customer experience (CX) is just that — often, it’s a buzzword that everybody talks about it but few get right. How do we know? We’ve been measuring […]

Hello, Indian Brands: Your CX Report Is Here

Amit Bhatia December 3, 2018
Dear Brand, It’s that time of year again. As we do each year, we went out and asked your customers what they think about the experiences they had with you, and the results are in. Forrester’s The India Customer Experience Index, 2018 report is out! This year, we covered the following industries and brands, surveying […]

Customer Experience Index India 2017 Results

Amit Bhatia November 22, 2017
As promised, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX IndexTM) results for India 2017 are out. We’re excited to see that over-all, brands in India are doing better this year than they did in 2016! Over half the surveyed 36 brands improved their score. Here’s a quick snapshot of some other key results- Last year’s overall topper (American […]

Dear Indian Brand, Heads Up! Your Customer Experience Score Is En Route

Amit Bhatia November 16, 2017
Dear Brand, We know you love your customers. You do your best – to catch their eye, hold their attention, serve and pamper them, and help them in need. And then hope they keep coming back for more. In fact, you hope you did such a bang-up job of impressing them in the first place […]

The India Customer Experience Index 2016, Part 2: These Industries Performed Well

Amit Bhatia November 9, 2016
In my previous blog post last week I introduced the India Customer Experience Index 2016 report, and spoke briefly about over-all trends in this year’s results compared to last year. In this post I’ll explore more industry-level findings. In this year’s CX Index results, we found that: Financial services (Banks & Credit Cards) performed well. […]

India Inc.: Here’s What Indian Customers Think Of Their Experiences With You (The India Customer Experience Index 2016, Part 1)

Amit Bhatia November 3, 2016
When it comes to their customers, Indian organizations are an ambitous lot. In a Forrester survey of Indian business and technology decision-makers, 70% of respondents said CX was going to be high or critical priority for their companies. But that is just one part of the story. CX is about what customers perceive, not what […]

Thoughts on Customer Experience Strategy: Should All CX Be Awesome?

Amit Bhatia August 12, 2016
So I visit this coffee shop close to office pretty often. The other day I was waiting in line and I paused to ask myself – why do I keep coming here? I mean, everything about the exercise including the taste is pretty unremarkable. I order, I’m served, I leave. So then why do I […]