Mobile Advertising Comes Under Scrutiny

Most data deprecation discussions center on cookies and web browsers. But two recent moves broaden the aperture to include mobile environments, too. First, Apple announced iOS 14, which will prompt users on whether they want to let an app track them or “ask app not to track.” If a user picks the latter, the app can’t access Apple’s ID for advertising (IDFA) a unique identifier that advertisers use to target and measure ads at a device level. iOS 14 is in beta now and will launch in the fall, and advertising technology (adtech) vendor Criteo has already warned investors to expect Q3 headwinds. Second10 US lawmakers asked the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into mobile advertising and how adtech companies can access sensitive information, including location data, as part of an ad bid. Mobile advertising’s status quo is now being called into question across both in-app and browser ads. We’ll be publishing more content on IDFA and data deprecation, and we’re here to help if you need more guidance. 

The Teladoc Health And Livongo Merger Ushers In A New Era In Digital Health

Teladoc Health and Livongo announced their merger last week, setting a new bar for the largest digital health deal in history. This $18.5 billion deal eclipses both Amazon’s acquisition of PillPack and Google’s bid for Fitbit. The combination of Teladoc Health’s virtual care capabilities and Livongo’s support for individuals with chronic conditions enables a proactive engagement model for patients that reduces medical spend and provides more effective chronic care management and ongoing patient engagement. Their combined clients — including providers, health plans, and employers — can now tap into a much broader set of services and capabilities across an individual’s health journey. The merger signals the beginning of a new era in digital health; it solidifies that healthcare is on a permanent path toward a digital-first future and that care delivery settings are evolving quickly. Providers must adapt to this digital-first future to win. And health plans and employers must tap into these digital-first offerings to reap the benefits of lower medical spend for members and employees. To read more of our research on digital health, click here. 

Just Launched! Our Top Technology Trends Research For 2020

Forrester is covering the key technology trends that CIOs should be attuned to in 2020. We’re excited to give you an advanced preview of our take on ambient technologies. This story talks about what is happening today with extended reality, wearables, intelligent agents, and a new technology we call “hearables.” And, it gives CIOs a peek into the future as digital experiences move beyond screens to the ambient environment and get more predictive and anticipatory. We’ll be rolling out more tech trends in the coming weeks, and our biannual report, “Top Trends And Emerging Technologies To Watch, Q2 2020,” will publish in September. This report will summarize the trends and name our top emerging technologies to help you stay ahead. To read our 2018 top technologies report, click here.