High-performance IT (HPIT) is the pursuit of continuously improving business results through technology. While grounded in the three principles of alignment, trust, and adaptivity, HPIT also recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach does not exist. Every organization is different, and therefore every IT organization requires a unique mix of technology capabilities to achieve business outcomes. To help IT leaders craft the optimal portfolio of capabilities, we identified four common high-performance “styles”: enabling, cocreating, amplifying, and transforming. Most IT organizations follow a dominant style that best aligns with their business objectives. Forrester recently published a series of reports that dives deeper into these IT styles, looking at what characterizes typical organizations in each style and how you can activate the style in your own organization.


Enabling — Stabilizes, Operates, And Protects

The enabling style prioritizes capabilities that efficiently stabilize, operate, and protect the business. Far from merely maintaining the status quo, enabling ensures a strong foundation that allows IT to scale and adapt. Prioritize investing in core technologies and supplement with emerging technologies such as AI and automation.

Cocreating — Collaborates, Develops, And Delivers

The cocreating style collaborates closely with business units to develop, deliver, and operate new products and platforms that drive business innovation and growth. Defined by strong relationships with the business, product, and digital teams, cocreating IT organizations are the binding forces that empower innovative ideas and products. This allows for products to go to market faster and more securely.

Amplifying — Optimizes, Streamlines, And Scales

The amplifying style optimizes business outcomes such as increasing cost efficiencies, improving productivity, and streamlining processes at scale. Amplifying leaders can strengthen and maximize current capabilities with little interruption to the business. They do this through selective and strategic investments in automation, cloud, AI, and analytics that optimize business outcomes.

Transforming — Innovates, Inspires, And Disrupts

The transforming style combines speed and scale for breakthrough innovation. Transforming IT organizations focus on the disruptive, long-term possibilities of technology. They combine emerging technologies with other IT capabilities and business strategies to go after unique market opportunities. Transforming organizations embrace and can adapt to significant change as they accelerate the business in new directions.

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