Forrester’s predictions help business leaders see what’s coming and what’s most critical for business success. Read on to explore market-defining trends in emerging technology, consumer behavior, B2B sales, customer experience, and much more.



My Prediction For The 2024 RSA Conference: Proactive Security Will Dominate Use Cases

Erik Nost May 1, 2024
While no trip to the RSA Conference is complete without seeing what security vendors are up to, this year, expect to be asked an intriguing question: “How proactive are you?” Find out why this will be such a popular question in this post.

Your Predictions Questions Answered: Leveraging GenAI Successfully

Laura Ramos February 22, 2024
During Forrester’s Predictions 2024 webinar, we received a lot of great questions about how generative AI might affect customer-facing functions such as marketing, customer experience, and sales. Check out our answers.

GenAI For Tech Leaders: Q&A

Rowan Curran February 21, 2024
Recently, I had the honor of presenting Forrester’s predictions for 2024 to over a thousand tech and business leaders. There were, unsurprisingly, a ton of questions about generative AI. I’d like to answer some of the more technical questions that we received.

Were Our 2023 Cloud Predictions Correct?

Tracy Woo February 6, 2024
It's time to take a look back and score our 2023 cloud predictions. Find out where we accurately predicted cloud trends and where we missed the mark for cloud in 2023.

Welcome To 2024: Let’s Kick It Off With Some Predictions

Martin Gill January 10, 2024
Every year, we at Forrester put our heads together and look at the trends that we’re seeing, what our data and forecasts are telling us, what we are hearing in inquiries and interviews, and then gaze into the metaphorical crystal ball to try to offer some advice on what to expect in the coming year. […]

Here’s What We’re Predicting For Indian Financial Services In 2024

Pushpa Marwal December 27, 2023
Wow, what a wild ride 2023 turned out to be for India, right? We got a spanking new Parliament, nailed space missions, successfully organized the G20 Summit, and even saved people stuck in a tunnel! Then elections buzz and a near miss at winning the ODI World Cup got us all worked up in Q4. […]

CX Cast: 2024 Preview

The CX Cast December 26, 2023
Though we’re out for the holidays this week, we’re dropping in with a short preview of what we have planned for the CX Cast in 2024. Tune in to hear what’s to come, including:  Our annual series on Forrester’s 2024 predictions, airing throughout January.  A preview of Forrester’s 2024 events theme, “Human + AI,” and what it means for the customer lifecycle.  And more content from Forrester analysts throughout the year. 

Predictions 2024 For B2B Marketing, Sales, And Product

Discover and understand the profound effect of genAI on B2B marketing, sales, and product priorities. 

Predictions 2024 For Technology Leaders

Learn how to put our 2024 tech predictions into action and tackle some of the top challenges tech leaders will face – like talent and growth by leveraging the power of AI.

Predictions 2024: The Global Public Sector Addresses Seismic Political And Technology Changes

Sam Higgins November 9, 2023
Managing imminent challenges at home and abroad will require continued bold action from government leaders.

Predictions 2024: Healthcare Organizations Will Get Ahead By Forging New Paths

Shannon Germain Farraher November 8, 2023
Healthcare in 2024 will be a dynamic space, with tech innovations and nontraditional thinking stepping up to address myriad health needs. Learn more.

Scoring Our 2023 Sustainability Predictions: How Did We Do?

Abhijit Sunil November 8, 2023
Forrester reviews its 2023 sustainability predictions by scoring each individual prediction in depth. This year, one of our five predictions received an A score, three received a B score, and one received a C score. Considering several unanticipated economic challenges across industries, these scores indicate continued progress and opportunities in the green market revolution.

Predictions 2024: The Heat Is On For The Green Market

Abhijit Sunil November 6, 2023
From wildfires to floods to heat waves, 2023 has been marked by climate chaos. Learn what businesses can expect in 2024 with Forrester’s environmental sustainability predictions.

Predictions 2024: Global Turmoil And Technologies, Both New And Mundane, Will Make Their Mark On Wealth Management

Vijay Raghavan November 2, 2023
The wealth management industry will once again see the rise of new and old forces that will confuse, help, and hinder investors. Savvy, forward-thinking managers will detect clear signals amid the noise.

Predictions 2024: Insurers Will Seek Stability In The Face Of Uncertainty

Ellen Carney November 2, 2023
Climate change and geopolitical turmoil will help shape a rocky landscape for insurers heading into the new year. Explore a few of our predictions.

Predictions 2024: Banks Face A Boring, Yet Dangerous, Year Ahead

Peter Wannemacher November 1, 2023
The year ahead may be relatively uneventful for the banking industry — but don’t count it out. Here are a few of the key trends to look out for.

Predictions 2024: The Winners Will Be Those Who Weave Value Around Payments

Jacob Morgan November 1, 2023
The payments players who will make a difference in the coming year will be those who realize that it’s not what you do but how you do it.

Predictions 2024: Security And Risk Pros Will Apply Guardrails Beyond Regulatory Mandates

Alla Valente October 31, 2023
In 2024, as more organizations launch new genAI initiatives, they will need to balance fast innovation with governance and accountability. Learn more in our 2024 predictions for cybersecurity, risk, and privacy.

Predictions 2024: With The Right Preparation, Your Organization Can Win Trust While Others Lose It

Stephanie Balaouras October 31, 2023
A focus on fundamentals such as empathy, dependability, and accountability will equip companies to weather a tumultuous year ahead.

Predictions 2024: Big Media Gets Its Mojo Back

Kelsey Chickering October 31, 2023
Big media gets its mojo back in 2024. Check out this preview of Predictions 2024: Media And Advertising and discover the trends that will define the year ahead.
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