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Voorspellingen voor 2022: banken gaan flink in innovatie investeren

Aurelie L'Hostis February 11, 2022
To compete and survive in an increasingly unpredictable, post-pandemic world, banks will invest heavily in technology, talent, and sustainability in the coming year.

Predictions 2022 For B2B Marketing Leaders

B2B marketers have a unique opportunity to turn disruption into opportunity. Join us and discover the five trends that will drive B2B marketing in 2022.

Predictions 2022: The Future Of Work Has Arrived. Now What?

What It Means January 20, 2022
The future of work became unexpectedly real during the pandemic. Find out how work will evolve in 2022, as VPs James McQuivey and J. P. Gownder dig into our 2022 predictions for the future of work.

Predictions 2022 For Technology Leaders

Hear how AI, cloud, automation, and edge computing will create tech alchemy in 2022 

Predictions 2022: Are Digital And Trust On A Collision Course?

What It Means January 6, 2022
How will the digital acceleration of 2021 impact trust patterns in 2022? Principal Analyst Enza Iannopollo provides an inside look at our 2022 digital trust predictions.

Predictions 2022 For CX Leaders

Discover the five trends that will define the playing field for CX in 2022.  

Predictions 2022: B2B Marketing’s Now-Or-Never Moment

What It Means December 23, 2021
B2B marketing could be on the cusp of a momentous shift — if marketing leaders step up to the opportunity. VP and Principal Analyst Lori Wizdo and VP and Research Director Caroline Robertson explain what that requires as they discuss Forrester’s 2022 B2B marketing predictions.

Predictions 2022 Live

Chart a bold path to success in 2022. Hear our predictions for the year ahead.


Predictions 2022: APAC Accelerates Into Its Digital Future

What It Means December 16, 2021
In the coming year, the Asia Pacific region will take decisive steps toward becoming a digital society. What does that entail, and what else is in store for businesses and consumers? VP and Research Director Michael Barnes discusses Forrester’s APAC predictions on this week’s What It Means.

Predictions 2022: Values Come Front And Center For European Companies

What It Means December 9, 2021
Values-based consumers will drive major changes in the European economy in the coming year. Find out how as VP and Group Research Director Laura Koetzle discusses our 2022 European predictions.

Predictions 2022: B2C CMOs Need To Adapt Or Get Sidelined

What It Means December 2, 2021
In 2022, B2C CMOs will either expand their remit and shine brighter than ever … or find themselves sidelined. The difference lies in whether a CMO can upskill and handle marketing’s new responsibilities or not, according to VP and Research Director Mike Proulx.

Predictions 2022: Anywhere-Commerce Will Unlock Massive Investments In Technology

Emily Pfeiffer December 1, 2021


Predictions 2022: Insurers Will Find Value In New Processes, Products, And Distribution

Jeffery Williams November 30, 2021

European Predictions 2022

Visit our resource hub to discover the key trends impacting European businesses in 2022.


Predictions 2022: Software Development Adapts To A New Normal

Chris Gardner November 18, 2021
New expectations call for new processes and tools. Learn how software development will adapt to the new normal in 2022.

Predictions 2022: Human Creativity Will Power Technology

What It Means November 18, 2021
Will technical debt get worse in 2022? How about shadow IT? Or the war for tech talent? Find out when VP and Senior Research Director Matt Guarini discusses our 2022 predictions for technology leaders — including one prediction that didn’t make the list.

Predictions 2022: Leaders Who Embrace Trust Set The Bar For New Sustainability And AI Goals

Jinan Budge November 16, 2021


European Predictions 2022:  Technology

Join our expert technology analysts as they explore the key trends that will impact the technology and security & risk functions in 2022 and beyond. 

European Predictions 2022:  B2C Marketing Trends

Join our expert analysts to learn more about what key predictions will impact the B2C marketing function in 2022 and what this means for you and your business.

See the future and gain a competitive advantage for 2022

Discover 12 trends our research reveals will matter most this year. Download our Predictions 2022 Guide.


European Predictions 2022:  Customer Experience

In 2022, brands will look to their CX teams to help them navigate their way through the pandemic by adjusting to a “new normal”. Join this free webinar to learn more.

Predictions 2022: How CX Can Shine In A Year Of Shortages

What It Means November 11, 2021
“Shortage” will be the name of the game in 2022. CX leaders will have to help their organizations contend with out-of-stock products, understaffing, and unhappy customers. Senior Analyst Judy Weader and Researcher Sam Karpinski explain how CX leaders can shine during a difficult year.

Predictions 2022: Payments Gets The Hollywood Treatment

Jacob Morgan November 10, 2021

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