The future of business is here. The fusion of human and AI capabilities will revolutionize how customers and organizations interact; the traditional customer life cycle will disappear into perpetual relationships and boundless experiences that move at the speed of pure digital. In this world, empathy, trust, and emotion will be as essential as technology. Only leaders who can integrate customer experience (CX), digital, and marketing to harness the power of humans + AI will create differentiated value in the eyes of customers.

Think that’s science fiction? Consider this: Already, 91% of companies are using or exploring customer-facing generative AI (genAI). Among Australian businesses, 73% have used genAI in a customer-facing capacity, and 74% are using it for the creation of new content or services. However, concerns about the impact of genAI on society persist.

Join Us In Sydney Or Digitally For Hands-On Guidance And Face-To-Face Networking Opportunities

Don’t miss the CX Summit APAC 2024, which promises to be riveting as industry speakers and Forrester analysts share their insights on CX, digital, and marketing, and how AI is making an impact. Join us in Sydney, Australia, or as a digital experience on May 28 to hear from:

      • Judy Weader as she makes a compelling case for establishing one unified strategy for CX, marketing, and digital, in order to orchestrate and direct activities to support customer-obsessed growth. She will explore the latest data in how these teams approach strategy, as well as provide guidance on how to unify these strategies within your company.
      • Jarrod Howard, Deputy CEO, Customer Service Delivery Group at Services Australia, will discuss Service Australia’s approach to becoming customer-focused, as the government has played an increasingly crucial role in people’s daily lives through the rolling crises since 2020. Jarrod will detail challenges and successes in building trusted services and embarking on a customer-focused transformation.
      • Sam Higgins will explore why boundless experiences are replacing traditional customer life cycles, and how humans and AI can deliver these experiences. Learn how to prepare your employees with the right skills to thrive alongside AI.
      • Lance Thornswood, Chief Design Officer, National Australia Bank (NAB), will explore how one of Australia’s most well-established banks builds trust with their customers through inclusive design and emerging technologies that continue to change our everyday lives.
      • Susan Kelso, Chief Experience Officer, Beyond Blue, and I will delve into how alignment impacts business performance and mission success. This session will explore what worked (and what did not) at Susan’s organization and provide you with a set of collaboration strategies to break down silos and advance your CX transformation.
      • Vasupradha Srinivasan will examine the true potential of AI for your customer service functions, through strategic thinking and design experiments. Understand use cases, versus an AI-led customer service strategy, to better improve your business’s cohesive AI-driven customer experience.
      • Finally, Dane Anderson will reveal the winner of the 2024 Customer-Obsessed Enterprise Award, which celebrates an organization that exemplifies customer obsession by putting the customer at the center of its leadership, strategy, and operations to achieve wins for customers, employees, and the business. The winner of Forrester’s 2024 APAC award will share their insights.

Additionally, the Summit will feature engaging case study discussions from industry-leading customer feedback management vendors including Medallia and Qualtrics.

Join Forrester’s flagship CX event in APAC on May 28 at the Sydney Hilton. I hope to see you there in person!